10 Small Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Most bathrooms inevitably have limited space to work with when remodeling. Small square footage poses style and storage challenges. However, various smart strategies can maximize both visual appeal and practical efficiency, even in tight bathrooms. Getting creative with fixtures, finishes, lighting, and layout opens up new possibilities. Follow these ten small-bathroom remodeling tips to gain functionality and wow factor without requiring large footprints. Little touches like wall shelves, pedestal sinks, and frameless shower doors work wonders. 

With careful planning and clever solutions, you can craft a bathroom that looks and feels surprisingly spacious. Don’t let size deter you – make the most of your petite powder room or master bath with these tips.

Creative Storage Solutions

Getting creative with storage solutions becomes essential when dealing with very limited floor space in a small bathroom. Look for any opportunities to go vertical with storage wherever possible to free up valuable floor area. Strategically placed niche shelving recessed into walls also maximizes unused space. For stylish storage with a big visual impact in a small dose, consider picking one bold, unique focal point shelving furniture piece that doubles as eye-catching d├ęcor. Getting key items off the bathroom floor can work wonders at visually expanding and opening up even the tightest, most cramped bathrooms. When planning your next bathroom remodel, experienced local contractors like those at bathroom remodeling in Dallas can also provide creative storage ideas to optimize your specific space.

Lighting Matters

Proper lighting is especially important in small bathrooms that can often feel dark and dim. It’s wise to layer multiple forms of lighting both for good visibility and attractive ambiance. Flush or semi-flush-mounted ceiling fixtures can provide overall bright illumination. Dedicated vanity lighting ensures ideal visibility for grooming and makeup. Wall-mounted sconces add accent lighting and character. For a relaxing spa-like vibe, install glowing recessed niche lighting or LED strip lighting. Aim to balance ample task lighting with soft, atmospheric accent lighting. Quality lighting makes even a modest bathroom shine.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

Mounting fixtures directly on walls is another space-saving trick. Unlike bulky vanity cabinets, floating vanities with thin legs or brackets conserve floor space. Wall-hung toilets hide their tank in the wall and keep floor space open. Hanging the mirror flush without a frame makes it seem to expand visually. Grab bars, towel racks, and toilet paper holders also save precious room off countertops. This freed-up floor space provides that much more valuable elbow room. Floating everything really opens up a small bathroom significantly.

Pedestal Sinks

Timeless pedestal sinks maximize style in a tiny powder room thanks to their slim silhouette. Pedestals come in shapes like squares, circles, ovals, and rectangles to suit most styles. Mixing finishes like a bold metal pedestal with a porcelain basin adds flair. Beyond saving floor space, pedestals conceal plumbing yet allow knee room. Just be sure to add storage elsewhere. Versatile pedestals allow playing with shapes and colors.

Attention to Accessories

Carefully chosen accessories promote tidiness and design. Matching collections create a pulled-together look on open shelves. Pretty canisters, corral cotton balls, and Q-tips are out of sight. Folded plush towels add a spa-like ambiance with color pops. Fragrant soaps, artful tissue boxes, and greenery infuse additional tasteful style. Shop by coordinating colors and materials between pieces. Even the smallest accents make a noticeable visual impact in a tight space.

Quality Tile Selection

Just because a bathroom is small doesn’t mean you can’t select premium tile styles. Opt for larger-scale sizes with defined textures and shimmery finishes. Mosaic sheets make working with tiny tiles affordable. Extend tiles vertically on walls to maximize height. Bold patterns and contrasting grout help make rooms feel bigger than they are. Don’t skimp on tile quality, thinking small applications don’t matter. Elevate even your tiniest bathroom with artistic tile.

Little Luxuries

In a small bathroom, the little luxuries can make a big difference. These special splurges can enhance the bathing experience exponentially without taking up precious space. Imagine stepping out of the shower to a warm, toasty towel from a towel warmer or the comfort and hygiene of a bidet toilet seat. Bluetooth speakers can set the mood with your favorite tunes, and dimmable lighting allows you to create the perfect ambiance. Extend the functionality of standard showers with a handheld wand for added convenience. Under-sink water filters provide purified drinking water right from the tap, ensuring you have access to clean and fresh hydration. Indulge your senses with these luxuries that maximize enjoyment and add an element of sophistication to your bathroom.

Frameless Shower Doors

Switching to frameless shower doors can be a game-changer when reducing visual clutter in a small bathroom. These doors are designed with near-invisible rails that enable unobstructed views, making the bathroom appear more spacious and airy. Light reflects and refracts off the clear glass surfaces, adding to the openness. Thanks to pivoting hinges, these doors can fold neatly against the walls when open, maximizing the usable space. Installing frameless shower doors allows you to impart clean, spa-like elegance even in the coziest showers. Elevate your daily routine and treat yourself to the sleek and smooth style they bring to your bathroom decor.

Shower Head Upgrades

When refreshing a bathroom, don’t overlook upgrading the shower head. New fixtures are easy to install and provide control over flow, pressure, and patterns. Consider overhead rainfall shower heads that extend the area. Handheld wands offer adjustable positions. Include body jets for a spa experience. Play with different finishes like chrome, bronze, or oil-rubbed brass. 

Bathtub Possibilities

Admittedly challenging, some very small bathrooms can still accommodate some type of soaking tub option – especially walk-in models with low thresholds or sleek Japanese-style tubs. But also consider ideas like installing a corner step-in shower with a built-in recessed seat and shelf. Or keep a portable inflatable tub on hand that can be inflated and stowed out of the way. With creative thinking, you can likely install some soaking tub options without stealing too much space. Don’t rule out all tubs automatically.


Hopefully, these ten tips illustrate useful ways to maximize both style and efficiency when remodeling a small bathroom. Get creative with vertical storage, proper lighting, floating fixtures, and pedestal sinks. Upgrade finishes and add luxurious touches. Frameless shower doors and new shower heads increase enjoyment. With smart solutions, even the most petite powder rooms and master baths can feel fresh, functional, and surprisingly spacious. Use these ideas to transform cramped bathrooms beyond their size.

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