4 Best Facebook Followers Apps In 2022

The top quality app for Facebook followers, as determined in our unbiased testing, is UseViral! If you’re an advertising professional or an influencer looking to make it big on social media, don’t forget about Facebook. With 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook has been the number one social media system for years. The majority of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, and it generated $27.2 billion in ad sales last year. Only this parent tells us that business owners turn to Facebook follower apps to promote their goods and services. Around 200 million groups worldwide use Facebook tools.

If you are a small trading company looking to grow your buyer base, it is good to get a preliminary boost from this platform. To that end, many businesses and individuals use a Facebook follower app to increase followers on Facebook and earn some coveted engagements. As we know, supply is created automatically as long as there is demand. Today there are numerous websites that advertise followers at a certain price, but now not all of them are reputable.

Many try to take advantage of followers by promoting them to fake or bot followers that disappear over time. If you want to get the best engagement, you should choose an app that only sells true followers. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of some quality Facebook fan apps. These sites not only allow you to gain real followers but gain Facebook page likes and post likes, also help you keep your account credible. To determine the overall performance of these apps, we used numerous metrics such as price, features, ease of use, customer support, and reputation. Hopefully, after going through this list, you’ll find a provider that fits your growth goals and budget.


UseViral  has been with the company for a long time and many consider it the exceptional Facebook fan app. There are real likes that can be added at a safe price to keep your account credible. This website has a strict set of safeguards to ensure that the offering is risk free. UseViral has a large community of followers that the company has slowly built up over the years, so you realize that none of the followers can be fake accounts. While there are countless websites that promote Facebook followers, few offer a guarantee. UseViral promises real followers at a blazing fast price and even offers you refills if you lose a few followers along the way.

If you’re a marketer who needs to get the most out of the Facebook algorithm, UseViral is the app to go for. There are 5 unique plans on this site and the cost is quite competitive. For just $9.99 you can get 250 followers on your Facebook page. You would have to buy up to 5000 followers, which might cost you as little as $69. UseViral secures its website over HTTPS, so you don’t have to worry about a third party gaining access to sensitive, non-public and fee information.

Media Mister

Media Mister has served more than 50,000 followers at one point in its long history as a provider. This society will be founded in 2021 and on the basis that it has already come a long way. It guarantees a natural bloom and spans over a dozen social media platforms. Media Mister actually states in their providers that they do not share your sensitive stats with 0.33 parties. This is one of the few companies that offers money back guarantees. If you don’t get the number of followers you paid for, you can get a full refund for the first 30 days.

The customer service team is extremely green and solves all problems within a short time. The Boom programs at MediaMister are quite simple and specified in an obvious way. You will get the followers added within 2-3 days. Here you can complete your payment via Bitcoin, PayPal and credit cards. After registering you will want to select the bundle and set the details. There are numerous buyer reports on the internet where followers have praised the offers made using Media Mister.


SidesMedia  is an internet growth tool that excels at delivering great engagement such as followers, views and likes on many social networks. They are an obvious Facebook fan app that uses validated strategies to develop your web page without violating Facebook’s terms of service. SidesMedia combines its own boost engine and customer community to ensure engagement on your website. They paint for almost every area of interest within the market and give short results. You can find many plans indexed among Facebook followers on their legit website. Pick the ones that match your website dreams and pay the fee to get started. You don’t have to share a password. All they want is your website URL.


Let’s talk about some notable features of SidesMedia.

Organic Growth

SidesMedia stays away from bots and doesn’t use automation to send followers. You realize that Facebook hates bots. That is why they have built an intense community of followers, influencers and website partners. These followers have energetic accounts on Facebook and earn a prorated commission if they follow you. This is excellent because it regulates the ability to use bots. That’s why SidesMedia offers you authentic followers who always interact with your content and support you to grow organically.

Priority Service

SidesMedia is a Facebook fan app that doesn’t offer you individual trials unlike its competitors. Now most people consider this a downgrade, but SidesMedia uses a completely unique way of explaining it. They agree to prioritize all their followers, making them fully aware of the followers who spend money on them.


GetAFollower uses modern tree strategies to reach hundreds of people around the world. After you place your order, the courier team will create a digital marketing campaign to help you attract the desired number of followers. GetAFollower claims to have helped 1 million followers achieve their tree goals. This company uses strong and stable advertising techniques, so there is no risk of Facebook rules banning or moving your account.

When you sign up to this site, you don’t want to give a percentage of your sensitive non-public information or password so you can relax in the knowledge that the followers are awesome and real. When you encounter a problem, you can take advice from the crew of professionals, who are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you quickly. You can contact the crew via email and stay in the chat. After placing your order you can witness the consequences within a few hours. The processing time depends on which package you have chosen. To test your status, please contact support.

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