6 Strange Facts About WordPress


WordPress was the first CMS, I learned about In 2007, I was tasked with creating a custom WordPress blog theme to mimic the company’s main website. So I took the two basics and Custom WordPress Development Services created a theme design that permits some businesses to look better than the main website.

This is how my base got wet with WordPress development. Since I set up a CMS, I enjoy working with more than just WordPress.

That’s because WordPress is awesome. It can do a lot, and it’s so important online that you might as well not worry about it. Here are 5 effects you need to know about web design and development WordPress, whether you want to get started as an owner or blogger, or you’re just curious about what WordPress can do.

35% of the web uses WordPress:

It may sound strange, but what was once just an obscure content operating system now has over 35 websites, according to WordPress.com and Net craft. 

The reason for this success is the unprecedented flexibility that allows WordPress to be installed by Custom WordPress Development Company away from specific blogs, and small business websites like Sony Music and the Forbes blog run on the Fortune 500 list.

Considering the number of active websites is estimated to be over 1.2 billion, this means that there is a WordPress moment around the web.

WordPress is not only a blogging platform:

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but almost along the way, people realized that you could do so much more. Today, WordPress is behind everything from e-commerce wordpress service provider sites to communities and online courses like Skill crush Arrangements.

Whether you want to create an introductory website for a real business or a large online store with thousands of products, it can be done with WordPress. And of course, it’s still good for blogging.

WordPress can also be utilized for network sites:

There are thousands of plugins that can enhance the functionality of WordPress, but many don’t realize that some of them are suitable for the back end functionality that businesses need.

Effects like customer relationship software, problem shadows, and all-in-one intranets are possible with WordPress. tone- hosting this type of app without having to pay a service WordPress Development Services provider can save plutocrat every time, especially if you can manage all the plugins yourself.

 Some very famous brands that use WordPress:

There are so many places you will use WordPress. CNN’s blog is built on WordPress, along with Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes. Mash able, The Next Web, and The New Yorker are also built on WordPress.

Other notable brands using WordPress bespoke WordPress development include People magazine, The Rolling monuments, Vogue, MTV News, Facebook, Harvard Business Review, and NASA.

However, it’s also important enough for almost all of the time WordPress is important enough for that location.

WordPress is available in 196 languages:

A quick look at the WordPress rewording website shows 196 locales with 40 out of 100 rewordings. The number of WordPress Web Development Services in available languages ​​is 196. We wonder how long it will take for WordPress to be available in almost all languages.

Millions of new WordPress disciplines are signed up every 6 months:

A review of global CMS internet operations in 2015 shows that WordPress is responsible for millions of disciplines of custom WordPress web design every 6 months or more. druggie loves a convenient and almost royal way to create an online presence. You can imagine that since the requests for WordPress have increased, they are now over a million.


We hope you like this blog of WordPress facts. These are the Strange Facts About WordPress. If you are looking for web design and development, or want to create a WordPress site then contact 8therate.

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