9 Incredible Ways to Save Money on TV Packages Without Sacrificing Quality Content

During these difficult economic times, when the cost of almost everything is going up, there is a need to cut some spending. You need to be on a budget nowadays if you have to survive. Prioritize your basic needs and cut spending on your luxuries.

We all have TV programs that we love following. However, some of these programs demand too much money to keep them. Therefore, we spend more than we should on them, choking our budgets.

Are you tired of paying higher subscriptions for your TV packages than you should? Here are incredible ways to save money on TV packages without sacrificing quality content.

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  1. Utilize Available Free Trials

TV service providers always have some programs that have free trial alternatives before beginning to pay for the subscriptions. If any of these programs please you, take advantage of the free trials to enjoy them. 

For instance, you can follow free catch-up films and programs from websites like ITV Hub, My5, and All 4. Additionally, BBC Sounds offer their live radio listeners free listening while offering them numerous playlists and podcasts for free. 

However, it’s worth noting that these free trials will vary from one service provider to the other. Some providers offer a 7-day free trial, while others offer 30 days. Therefore, do your studies first to discover which providers have long free usage before subscribing.

  1. Make Use of Bundle Deals

Some Tv service providers offer spectrum internet and TV bundles with numerous spectrum tv packages. Since these services come as a bundle, you don’t have to pay for each individually. Paying for one bundle of services will help you save money.

The packages come with a spectrum TV that enables you to access different programs. You can access the best movie channels in the world. Additionally,  you will access all on-demand tv programs.

The package also provides spectrum voice that enables you to make local and international calls. Additionally, the spectrum Internet offers you parental control, quick internet, security suite, and the Internet is affordable.

You will access all of the above services as a bundle, hence paying little that you could if you chose to acquire these services individually. 

  1. Tier Adjustments

Some of the TV programs are ads enabled. These ads will keep popping as you stream, distracting your attention. However, you will realize these ads lower the amount you should pay as a subscription. 

Many of the TV service providers have distinct tiers.  For instance, Hulu offers a premium service (ad-free) at a monthly cost of $14.99, while you can access the same service with ads at a monthly price of $7.99.  Furthermore, Paramount Plus has the same premium services at $9.99 monthly while, on the other hand charging $4.99 monthly for ad-supported services.

As you can see, by choosing ad-supported services from either of the two service providers, you will pay half the amount you could pay for an ad-free plan.

  1. Follow an Annual Payment Plan

Sometimes your monthly income may delay making you unable to pay for your subscriptions on time. Failing to make timely payments may force TV service providers to shut your programs until you pay. To avoid such inconveniences, apply an annual payment plan that enables you to pay the whole year’s subscriptions.

In addition to enjoying uninterrupted streaming, you will save some money. By choosing to be an annual rather than a monthly subscriber, you can save up to $21.76 per subscription.

For instance, amazon offers a Prime service for $12.23 monthly and $101,12 annually. By choosing the annual plan, you will save $21,61. On the other hand, Dismay + offers a monthly subscription of $12.23 and an annual one at $102.27, saving you $20.46 if you choose the year plan.

  1. Change Providers

Different service providers charge different prices for their services. If you feel your provider is more expensive than others, switch to them. You should not stick where you feel exploited.

For instance, satellite internet charges differently from cable TV providers. If you’re using satellite TV, you will realize that you pay more than the one using cable TV. In this case, cable TV providers charge between $30 – $60 monthly for 75 to 125 programs, while on the other hand, satellite internet, specifically Dish, charges $79.99 for 190 programs.

Additionally, Direct CTV, one of the satellite TV providers, charges $65.99 for 165 programs.

Therefore, if you’re enjoying satellite internet services, you can switch to cable TV providers where you’ll pay less.

  1. Subscription Sharing

Sharing is caring. By sharing your subscriptions with others, you can significantly reduce the cost.

Some service providers have plans that allow you to share with others while saving money. For instance, Spotify offers a monthly Duo Premium Plan at $17.91, allowing two people to listen. With this plan, you’ll save $92.01 compared to what you could pay individually. 

Through the above plan, two people can team up and subscribe to save money from what they could pay individually.  Additionally, if you have a large household, you could choose Family Premium Plan at $21.75, which allows up to six people, saving & 659.71 annually. 

It is, however, worth noting that some providers restrict subscription sharing.

  1. Fee Negotiation With Your Provider

If you feel that your home internet services or TV service provider is overcharging you, take a step to negotiate with them. No service provider would like to lose any of their loyal customers. As a result, they are always ready to listen to your grievances and act accordingly. 

They are ready to offer discounts or promotions to retain you. Therefore, you only need to call their customer service to negotiate. 

However, negotiation may sometimes be unsuccessful. Therefore, to ensure a win in the dialogue, have the competitors’ prices and your changes for previous services. You will thereby have an advantage over your provider. 

  1. Get a Profession to Negotiate for You

If your negotiation with the provider doesn’t bear fruit, consider using another person to negotiate. However, you should ensure the chosen person is a professional and can argue and win your case. 

Some people know how to present their cases and can easily convince the other party to reason with them. For instance, you could use the Rocket Money service to negotiate on your behalf. This team of professionals gets your bills controlled and charges you 40% of what you save.

According to statistics, Rocket Money has helped to save $14 million on subscriptions, outages, fees, and bills. You could rely on them to ensure money saving. 

  1. Reduce Your Packages 

There are programs you will realize you don’t follow, yet you pay a subscription. Remember, the bigger the package, the higher the subscription fee.

Therefore, look at those programs you have no interest in and cut them off. For instance, if you added the Showtime premium channel to your package to follow your favorite series, remove the channel when the series ends. 

Doing so will help you cut on the show’s subscriptions, subsequently saving you money.

Bottom Line

You can save money on TV packages without sacrificing quality content. To do so, use the free trials and ensure to have bundle deals, which prevent you from paying for programs differently hence saving money. 

Additionary, choose ad-supported programs, pay annually, and negotiate with your service provider to lower charges. If your negotiations don’t bear fruits, consider another person to negotiate on your behalf or change your provider. 

Further, you can share your subscriptions with others; this could save you more money than you could when paying individually. Finally, cut off those programs that you can do without. 

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