Dressing the Dubai Way: A Guide to Emirati Travel Clothes 

Want to dedicate your next vacation to a trip to Dubai? Great choice! This super modern eclectic city with a subtle Eastern soul has a lot of amazing things in store for you. From the world-famous Burj Khalifa to the authentic Arabian atmosphere of Gold Souk, you’ll experience a wealth of sights and activities. 

Yes, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a source of new impressions and inspiration. Therefore, it’s no secret that many travelers dream of visiting it. Are you one of them? 

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It seems that everything is ready for your trip, but there’s one thing that deserves special attention. Despite the futuristic buildings and modern infrastructure, national tradition and culture occupy an important place in the Emirates. Thus, the choice of clothing in the UAE is an important issue that concerns not only beauty and style but also respect for local traditions. So, we have prepared for you a small dressing guide in Dubai for you to keep in mind!

Why do you need to choose clothes? 

Despite all its tolerance, the United Arab Emirates is a country with fairly strict Islamic principles. Choosing the wrong clothes can lead to problems on vacation since it happens that the appearance of tourists causes misunderstanding or even aggression on the part of locals. Or it may happen that if you come on vacation in light clothes, you can get multiple sunburns. 

Also, you may hear a lot of myths about clothing in the UAE. For some reason, many tourists think that women who come on vacation should also wear traditional clothing in Dubai – long black dresses, and men – white ones. But this is far from true. 

When choosing clothes for a trip to the UAE, consider the climate and local dress code. Emirati culture is different from the European way of life, and therefore you need to adhere to certain rules.

Visiting public spots

The UAE doesn’t regulate the wearing of certain types of clothing for travelers. Still, we recommend choosing closed outfits in crowded places so as not to offend the religious feelings and morals of the locals. The Dubai dress code for female tourists depends on the specific place you are visiting. Let’s look at the most popular situations. 

Hitting the beach 

Nudism is prohibited on all beaches in the UAE without exception. The same goes for topless tanning. The penalties for violating the law are strict and are even specified in the criminal code. As for the choice of swimsuit, it can be open (bikini) but not too skimpy. 

Please keep in mind that leaving the beach area (private beach or hotel beach) in a swimsuit is strictly vetoed. Otherwise, you should first expect a verbal warning from the police, and in case of disobedience, a more severe punishment. 

Walking around the city 

Warm weather doesn’t leave the UAE all year round, so the best choice for your trip would be light clothing made from natural fabrics. In addition to dresses and skirts, women can wear trousers and shorts. True, the length of the latter should reach at least the knees. For more immersion in the local culture, you can purchase an abaya, traditional Dubai women’s clothing which looks like a long cloak elegantly covering almost the entire body, except for the feet, hands, and face. 

Something else worth considering when choosing an image is the presence of a headdress. During the summer months, local temperatures can reach up to 94°F. Therefore, take a baseball cap or hat to protect yourself from overheating and sunstroke. Keep in mind that a light jacket or some kind of cape will come in handy when visiting shopping and entertainment centers. These oases are always cool due to the active use of air conditioning, so you can even freeze. 

Visiting religious complexes 

According to Dubai traditional clothing etiquette, your shoulders, stomach, and knees should be covered if you are heading to a mosque or any religious shrine. Both men and women must follow this rule. Locals may perceive wearing excessively revealing clothing as a deliberate insult to their religion. As a result, this will lead to very serious consequences.

General Dubai clothing recommendations 

In the UAE, religion tells Arabs they shouldn’t see a woman’s naked body outside their home. Therefore, in public places and on the streets, keep your stomach, shoulders, and knees covered. For this, prefer long (below the knees) skirts and long or ¾ sleeve dresses. Finally, complement your look with a T-shirt or blouse without a deep neckline or cutouts at the back. Wearing see-through clothing is also unacceptable. 

Dubai men’s clothing recommendations are simpler, with popular options including shorts, t-shirts, shirts, and pants. The shoulders and stomach should also be covered. In addition, carefully choose the inscriptions on your clothes – they don’t have to offend Muslim culture. 

Now you finally know what to wear in Dubai. However, having the right transportation is just as important as the dress code on your next trip to the Emirates. So, use the 14 CARS app to book the right car in your desired location, and don’t forget to pack your travel wardrobe!

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