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The best budget electric bikes offer much of the same features as our top-of-the-line bikes, but at a fraction of the cost. These bikes have power assist, which makes it easy to move around and climb hills. They also allow you to go further without having to work hard. These scooters are great for people who want an alternative to electric transportation but don’t have the budget or want more range and exercise than what top-of-the-line electric scooters can offer.

The parts or materials on many budget electric bikes are of poor quality. We tested several electric bikes below $1,500 to find the best.

Which electric bikes are the most affordable?

We have tried many models and the Aventon Soltera is our favorite budget electric bike. Beautiful, easy to ride, and very zippy. Battery and taillights are integrated, and a large display is available. A single-speed model starts at $1,299; a 7-speed model begins at $1,299. We did feel it was a little underpowered on steeper hills.

Ride1Up offers two models that we love: the Core-5 and Roadster V2. Each model starts at $1,095 and comes in two sizes as well as multiple color options. They also look just like regular bikes. We have one complaint: neither model has integrated lights. You’ll need to get a set of the best bicycle lights to make you stand out at night.

Check out our top picks for the best budget best electric bikes under 1000. Make sure you get a good bike helmet before you hit the roads.

Proper e-bike care is essential to ensure its longevity and optimal performance; regular maintenance, such as checking tire pressure and keeping the battery charged, goes a long way in preserving the bike’s functionality. Additionally, storing the e-bike in a dry and secure location when not in use helps protect it from potential damage and extends its lifespan.

These are the best electric bikes for under $100

Here are some best e bikes under 1000 dollar, you can pick one 

Wing Freedom 2

It’s not a VanMoof. The Wing Freedom 2 bears more than a passing resemblance with the electric bike that costs twice as much. However, if you don’t have the budget for two grand, this bike is worth it. The Wing Freedom 2 was a great bike to ride. It’s not as fast as higher-priced models but it was very responsive and comfortable.

Ride1Up Roadster V2

The Ride1Up Roadster V2 looks just like a regular non-motorized commuter bicycle, but it conceals a battery that can deliver up to 30 miles of pedal-assisted power. This e-bike is light at 33 pounds and comes in two sizes so that it can be used by riders of all heights.

Propella 7S

It is a great e-bike for a reasonable price. The 7S is functional and fun, even though it doesn’t have the most advanced features. We loved the brightly colored aluminum wheels. It weighs in at 37 pounds and is light for an electric bike. The rear-drive Bafang motor provided a surprising amount of power, providing up to 18.5 MPH. It was also helped by the Shimano 7-speed geartrain.

Swft Volt

The most expensive electric bikes don’t come cheap. Most models start at $1500 and go up. The Swft Volt, which is more affordable, is worth looking at. It is reasonably powerful and comes with both pedal-assist as well as a throttle. The range allows you to travel a considerable distance. It doesn’t look at all like an e-bike.

How to select the best electric bike for your budget

You’ll have to make compromises when purchasing a budget electric bicycle, especially when compared to the top electric bikes that can cost over $1,500.


Two types of sensors are used in pedal-assist electric bikes: Torque and Cadence. A torque sensor detects an increase in crankshaft force, while a cadence sensor detects bike crankshaft movement. Although they are cheaper and are therefore used on most budget electric bikes, they are also less responsive than torque sensor. It may take several revolutions of the crankshaft for the motor to kick in. This can cause problems if you are trying to start an electric bike that is heavy on a hill.


This is another area where companies can cut costs. Some electric bikes might not have integrated lights. It will be harder to see in dimming conditions and it will also make it more difficult for you to be seen. This can be fixed with the help of the best bicycle lights. However, it comes at an additional cost.


The cheapest electric bikes might only have one gear. It is not an issue for electric bikes with built-in motors, but it can cause problems if you live in more hilly areas.

Even a budget electric bicycle shouldn’t cost too much. You should look for well-built models. If you are able to test it out, that’s even better.

Also, you’ll want to choose features that are most appropriate for your needs. You’ll want to choose electric bikes that are lighter and smaller if you live in a dense area or can transport it upstairs or into your apartment.

You will need an electric bike that can transport you further if you live in the suburbs. You’ll need one that can hold a basket or rack if you plan to use it for shopping trips.

How to test electric bikes

The budget electric bikes are tested in the same manner as the top electric bikes. It doesn’t really matter how much an electric bike is priced — we test it the same way, including riding it around.

We also measure the bike’s comfort by examining its handlebars, grips, and seat.

Although electric bikes are usually assembled in one piece, budget models may require that you attach a handlebar or wheel. We will be looking at how easy it is to put together an electric bike. Are the instructions clear and simple? Do you need any additional tools or are they included?

We also test it to determine how efficient it is as an electric bicycle. Although budget electric bikes won’t perform as well as higher-end models, we expect them to provide an enjoyable ride. We test the bikes on hills to determine how much assistance their electric motors can provide and how quickly they respond when we pedal. Lower-quality models may take longer to start, making it more challenging to go uphill.

An electric bike’s battery is another important feature. A larger battery will allow you to travel farther on a single charge and can be used for longer periods of time without your bike being plugged in. We test an electric bike to see how fast the battery drains in various conditions. To test the battery’s capacity, we use pedal assist, throttle, and throttle when possible.

We also consider other features such as integrated lights and disc brakes. This is how we determine the bike’s rating.

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