Best Budget Laptop for Students in 2022

best budget laptop for students

With the shift of education to online modes these days, the rise in demand for laptops among students was never such before. And the current trends are showing that this digitalization of education is a permanent future.

Laptops provide easy access to information, files, and most importantly, the internet. Without a laptop, students can’t make the most of internet packages like Super internet deals. So, it’s no surprise when it’s every student’s need. But laptops can be a big investment.

And students find it especially hard to spend money on this because they’re already on a budget. This is why it’s important to browse through the best options available that suit your requirements. Here are some of the best laptops for students in 2021.  

Things to look while buying a laptop


This is considered as CPU of the laptop and all your processing done here. How your task will run either slow or fast depends hugely on it. The minimum level of processor that will work for you is i3 but to work soundly, you should go with i5 generation.


Random Access Memory (RAM) is the temporary storage device which becomes active when you start your computer. A good amount of RAM along with Powerful HDD will allow you to do multitasking.

This means you can program, execute, edit at the same time with good frame rates. A minimum amount of RAM that will done your gaming work is 8GB.

Disk Drive

This might be called as the heart of the computer where all your data whether of system or your owns are stored permanently. Larger the capacity of DD you have or more the volume of your DD is empty you have, the more smoothly your system will work.


Although this is not a necessary material for riding your work but matters for fast and smooth typing. A good keyboard is that whose buttons are easy to press and and don’t try to obstacle you in moving the fingers back. This is the practical thing you can experience it trying on different keyboards.

Screen Resolution

As a programmer or editor, you have to keep your eyes for long on screen. Better the screen resolution, better it will feel while using and gives you less eye strain. So a laptop with good screen resolution and with anti-glare features is advisable for gaming works.

List of best budget laptop for students

Apple MacBook Air (M1 chip) 

best laptop for students

Apple’s new Macbook Air offers a wide variety of features to its users. And especially students. It is packed with great performance all within a lightweight exterior. This makes it easily portable. The M1 chip enables a stronger battery life. Especially when compared to the intel version. 

However, this is not the most cost-effective option. While it has significantly student-friendly features, the Apply MacBook Air 13 still lies in the more expensive range. But if cost isn’t too much of a concern, you should seriously consider this option.  

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ASUS ZenBook Flip 13

best budget laptop for students

Asus Zenbook 13 is one of the best feature packed laptop to be considered if you are looking for a budget student laptop. With ultra slim convertible design, this laptop is equipped with all the necessary power to do all your school and college stuffs.

The ZenBook Flip 13’s sleek NanoEdge display and 360° ErgoLift hinge make ZenBook Flip 13 extra compact, and the super-slim 13.9 mm chassis houses a wide range of I/O ports for easy connectivity.

ZenBook Flip 13 is the versatile and powerful all-rounder that’s your perfect student or creative partner.

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Honor MagicBook 

best affordable laptop for students

The Honor MagicBook 14 is one of the top choices for students. This laptop comes at a relatively affordable price which is a great selling point for students. Considering their lack of funds. The MagicBook 14 also has a strong battery life.

This means students don’t have to keep worrying about dragging a charger around wherever they go. This laptop gets great reviews on its performance and design. So, if you’re considering a new laptop, don’t miss out on this option.  

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Acer Aspire 5 

The Acer Aspire is perfect for the average student whose wallet is rarely full. This version of Acer Aspire is solid, efficient, and reliable. It has a battery that lasts all day. This saves students both time and energy. It also has a pretty impressive port selection.

Especially when compared with other modern laptops. This makes the Acer Aspire 5 one of the best options for students. Especially with regard to price.  

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Surface Go 2 

Surface Go 2 is essentially a tablet but this doesn’t mean it won’t work well for students. In fact, this is what makes it cheap, easy-to-use, and affordable for students. Surface Go 2 is easily one of the most inexpensive options available which is great news for students.

This means that you won’t have to splurge on a good-quality laptop anymore. It has an impressive display and a good, strong battery life. Its screen might be too small for some. So, if this is a problem for you, look at its specifications before purchasing.

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HP Envy 13

HP Envy 13 is what many would consider a high-end laptop. But this doesn’t mean it can’t fit a student’s budget. This is one of the few laptops that are high quality yet relatively cost-effective. The latest model of HP Envy has an impressive display along with a solid battery life.

It also comes with a premium build and a comfortable keyboard. The HP Envy 13 has a sleek design so students won’t have to worry about carrying heavyweights all over campuses and libraries.  

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