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digital camera for kids

Best Camera for Kids. As you have here by seeing this title, definitely you are a kid or parent of a kid looking for some tiny-penny camera that would suit in your or your kids soft palm.

Don’t worry, we in this post would guide you on how to choose a perfect kids camera and would give you a list of some of the best cameras for toddlers, kids and teenagers.

Why to give camera to a kid?

Photographs not just attract young ones but kids too. Specifically, kids are more attracted to pictures and photos of natural things.

Having a camera in the hands of kids not just proved to be a time pass toy but also a tool to explore his/her creativity. Just send your kid outside with a tiny camera and see with what pictures he/she come back. It would definitely make you remember your childhood.

Also giving your kid a smartphone is not a good idea. It let your kid be at home all day long and it’s really a very bad health addict. Instead, a nice camera in hands would drag your kid outside specially around nature.

And last but not least, if your kid want to be a professional in this field in future, giving camera in soft palm would be a very first step to develop your kid as a talented photographer.

What to look for while buying a camera for kid?

Build material

No doubt, kids hands are delicate. Lots of cameras come with poor plastic exterior. These plastic material releases some kind of color and semi-toxic substance during hand sweating. Kids have the habit of rubbing hands hands on eyes, taking stuffs in mouth. These are really bad for health. So, take care of the camera exterior build material while buying a kid camera.

Easy to use

Cameras can be packed with lots of complicated features which could be a problem to use even for elders. As you are giving a camera in the tiny hands of kid for exploring, definitely it should be packd with lots of cool features yet very simple and easy to use. Lots of brands highlights this feature in their product.


Kids have the habit of forgetting things. Ideally, the kid camera should be optimal big which not just help in diminising the chances of loosing it but a big camera has also big button and interface which makes it easy for a kid to handle. The size of the camera should not be big enoush, otherwise it would increase the overall weight of the setup which is another problem.

Battery life

As a kid, they don’t know about power management anbd optimal use of battery. They tend to discharge battery by keeping the camera on even when not in use. So while choosing a kid camera, you should pick a one which has a decent battery life.

Kid oriented design

As we elders generally like black and similar colors in gadgets. Things are totally different in the eyes of a kid. Kids are more attracted towards fancy colors like red, green, pink, blue, orange. Also some kids cameras come with funny design of animals and cartoons on its body. These kinds of architecture attracts kids alot. So you should consider these things while buying a perfect cool looking camera foir your kids.

Best Digital Camera for Kids

YLHXYPP Children’s Camera

digital camera for kids

This is one of the kid suited digital camera due to its look and features and easy to use operation. With a 2.4-inch IPS full-view HD screen and having the functionality of taking photo and video from front and rear side, this is really value for money product.

With taking high resolution pictures, this kid camera can record videos at resolution of 1080*1920 from both sides and give you the storage capacity of 1GB-1GB for both tasks which can be expanded upto 32GB.

The camera is a very nice looking having cat caricature and the whole exterior is made up of dust-proof and water-proof material giving the kids full freedom of doing caper activity. Ya, its battery drain in 2.5 hours for taking pictures and about 1.5 hours for video which is not enough but the good thing is that the battery charges full in 2 hours.

Some additional features include face recognition, smile face tracking, auto focus, timer selfie and funny frames.

YADSHENG Kids Camera

digital camera for kids

This digital camera for kid is in our list again due to numerous features and easy to operate interface. With a LCD screen of 1. 77 inches gives the max. resolution of 2592×1944 for images and 1920×1080 for recording videos.

This is specially a sport oriented camera which can be mounted on any surfaces with little effort to shoot the adventures. With a water-proof case, this kid camera can be used in the pool or underwater upto 30m.

The absense of memory card in the purchase is definitely a bad side, but you can expand the memory upto 30GB giving you the large spaces for your kid stuffs.

Some additional features include the presense of various shooting mode, power saving on/off, hand-straps and other camera mounts.

MOREXIMI Kids Camera

This is a small light weight affordable kid digital camera with cool unique design that makes it look like a professional SLR camera. This is a light weight (150grams) black colored digital camera with easy to operate interface.

With 48MP dual camera, 2.4 inch IPS screen and advanced lenses, this camera take a very sharp photos along with the facility of 1080p video recording.

A 32GB memory card inside gives you ample amount of storage for photos and videos, and a support of 1200mah rechargeable battery which supports taking photos for 4-8 hours after full charged, is able to keep your kids outside whole day long.

Some other feature includes Rotating Zoom Function that makes the camera rotate the lens to zoom in,effectively ingest distant scenery by 20X digital zoom. Night Shoot that Allows you to take pictures more clearly at night or when the light is insufficient. Automatic Smile Shooting helps shooting time accurately.

MINIBEAR Instant Camera

best digital camera for kids

 This is an instant camera for kids, that comes with 3 print paper rolls (3.15”x2.2”) for up to 180 pictures and uses zero ink technology, means printing without toner, print paper material is skin-friendly and easy to replace. You can choose from setting whether you want print or not.

The digital camera for kids has dual cameras with 40 MPs with 8X digital zoom that can zoom in to take photos. It packed with lots of features along with the playback sound for the video it records. It also comes with a 32G TF card allows to store thousands of photos. No need to worry about running out of storage.

The screen is 2.4 inch IPS display eye protection screen which can avoid harming your child’s eyes. Toddler camera made of environment-friendly and non-toxic material, durable and safety and comes with a holding strap that children can carry it everywhere.

This kid camera is packed with lots of other features like Time-lapse & 8X Digital Zoom, have 20 Funny Photo Frames & 11 Scene filters. You can also play games (snakes/pushbox/tentris) on it and can also listen music. A perfect combination for kids. But there is a issue of battery life. On average it gives power for 3 and half hours once fully charged for shootuing videos or playing games.