Can Alcohol Rehab Center Prevent Relapse?

Relapse is a condition where you get the urge to drink alcohol while you are trying very hard to quit it in the first place. A lot of people who go through recovery at an alcohol rehab center face this condition and it is very common too. Fortunately for them, the centers have developed a lot of meaningful measures to help their patients get through this stage successfully. But before we see what they are and how they work, let’s understand what relapse means.

Relapse is Common in Addiction Recovery

Relapse or recidivism is referred to as a recurrence of a past condition. In terms of drug abuse, this recurrence happens when a person who recovered from alcohol or any drug resorts to the drugs long after their rehab treatments are over. Surveys show that about 50% of the people relapse less than 30 days after they leave the inpatient rehab center. As much as 85% of the people relapse within a year after rehab for alcohol. These numbers suggest that relapse is more common than we think and it takes a lot more effort on the patient’s part to successfully quit their drug habits for good.

3 Stages of Relapses (Emotional, Mental & Physical)

Relapse occurs slowly, and gradually. It is not a sudden change in our mindset or body. Numerous studies have been done on patients going through relapse and a pattern of behaviors have been identified. The first stage of relapse is the Emotional Relapse. During this stage the patient begins to feel the absence of the drugs in their system. This lack of drugs makes them bottle up their emotions, and isolate themselves from their social setup. They can also face mood swings, and exhibit defensive behavior. The second stage is Mental Relapse and this is when the first stage progresses and the patient gets thoughts about doing drugs again. They can even get cravings and even imagine using drugs again. The third stage is the actual relapse where the patient actively does drugs again. They lose control over themselves again. In order to combat such a complex condition you need the help of a good rehab center.

A Good Relapse Management Plan is Necessary

In case you are worried you might face these symptoms while going for rehab, you can be assured that rehab centers are open to help you. Many centers have developed their own relapse management plans and teach their patients the means to control themselves. You can also learn about these practices during your inpatient luxury alcohol rehab program.

Join a Good Center in Austin

There are a lot of good recovery centers that are operational in Austin, Texas. These centers operate with the singular goal of helping people to find their lives again. You can contact the centers near your home and ask for more details about addiction recovery and relapse. The centers will also help you in case you need urgent care for drug addiction related emergencies. Make sure to call them up if you need their help.

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