Car Shipping to Alaska: How to Get a Great Service

Whether you’ve decided to move to Alaska for good, or you want to stay there for a while given that the nature of your work and your lifestyle allows you to, you’ll probably need a car to get around while you’re there. If you already have a car, it might be best to take it with you, instead of renting or buying a new one when you get there. This is especially true if you’re moving for good, because buying a new vehicle would basically be a waste of money.

Here’s what to know if you’re moving for good: 

How will you take the car with you, though? Not planning on doing the drive alone, are you? Most probably not. You understand that it is quite a big distance. You’d have to go from the USA through Canada to reach Alaska, and you’re probably not quite keen on driving for that long.

Since driving is not an option for you, or at least it shouldn’t be, this is what you’ll have to do. Get shipping services and thus have professionals deliver the vehicle to your new location. Quite easy, isn’t it? Well, it most definitely is, just as long as you do everything right so as to get a great shipping service.

Knowing how to do everything right requires you to do some research on the steps you should take. Especially so if you’ve never done this before. So, below I’ll give you an overview of those steps you should take when aiming at getting the perfect shipping service and thus having your car delivered to your new place in Alaska.

Find a Few Different Providers

It is not the part of finding the companies that can do this for you that’s difficult. In fact, that’s quite easy, given that there are certainly a lot of providers that will be ready to offer their service. It is, however, the part of choosing one of the providers among those numerous ones that will be tricky.

We’ll take you through that process as well below, but for now, all you have to know is that finding a few different providers is a must before making any choices. Put differently, don’t immediately go for the first firm you come across. Instead, make a list of different ones and research them.

Compare Their Services

How will you research them, though? Well, that’s the main part of this entire process of getting a great service when looking to successfully ship car to alaska and not worry about what will happen on the road. The research will lead you towards selecting the perfect provider.

Start by, of course, comparing the services they offer. This will help you narrow the list down, as you’ll remove all of those companies that don’t actually ship to Alaska. Furthermore, you’ll get to see which providers offer open and which ones offer enclosed carriers, which could also help narrow your choices down if you have a preference.

Compare Their Prices

Comparing the prices should be your next move. Understanding that all the providers will offer slightly different prices is important. Taking time to compare those will help you realize which companies can offer you the service that will fit in with your specific budget. Of course, you should remember that the prices also depend on your vehicle, on the destination, as well as on the dates you’ll choose for the shipping service.

Get Informed on Your Obligations

You’ve done your research and you’re ready to work with one of these companies? Well, then, you’ll now have to get informed about your obligations in the process. Of course, you’ll have much less responsibilities than if you decided to drive the vehicle yourself, and this useful source can tell you more about the drive if you’re interested in perhaps trying it out, but the truth is you’ll still have some important things to do.

First, you’ll have to get your vehicle prepared for shipping. Then, you’ll also have to get all the necessary documents ready, as the company you’ll choose will request some proof of ownership and similar data. Talk to the providers you’re working with to check what it is that’s your responsibility here, so that you can get the most out of the service by fulfilling your part of the deal successfully.

Remember to Perform Inspections

Remembering to perform inspections is also crucial here. You should do one prior to departure, that is, before your vehicle gets loaded on a carrier and sets off, and then you should perform another one after it arrives. This way, you’ll see if any new damage has been caused – damage that you could get compensated for if you play your cards right and perform the inspection in a timely manner, that is, immediately upon arrival.

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