EVP Cinemas Show Timings and Bookings

Dive into the immersive world of films at EVP Cinemas in Chennai. Explore showtimes, ticket bookings, upcoming movies, and exclusive offers for a captivating cinema experience.
Indulge in a cinematic extravaganza at EVP Cinemas with a variety of shows scheduled throughout the day. From morning screenings for early birds to midnight shows for night owls, there’s something for everyone.

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Location. Survey no 167/4A & 3A, Santhosha Nagar, Chennai – Bangalore, National Highway,, Chennai, India, Tamil Nadu

+91 85258 11111

How can I book tickets online for EVP Cinemas?

Skip the lines and secure your seat with ease! Visit EVP Cinemas’ official website or partner booking platforms to select your preferred movie, showtime, and seating, completing your purchase within minutes.

Choose the Date and Showtime: After selecting a movie, you’ll be prompted to choose a specific date and showtime that suits your schedule. EVP Cinemas offer multiple showtimes throughout the day, giving you flexibility.

Pick Your Seats: Once you’ve selected the showtime, you’ll see a seating chart for the cinema hall. Here, you can select the seats you prefer. Whether you like sitting at the front, middle, or back, you can choose from available seats.

Log In or Continue as Guest: If you’re a registered user, you can log in to your account to proceed. If not, you may have the option to continue as a guest. Some cinemas require your basic details for booking.

Payment Process: After you’ve picked your seats, proceed to the payment section. You can pay using various methods like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or online banking. Follow the prompts to complete the transaction.

Confirmation: Upon successful payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message with your ticket details. This confirmation will be sent to your email or mobile number, as provided during the booking process.

Enjoy the Movie: On the day of the show, head to EVP Cinemas with a digital or printed copy of your ticket. Present it at the entrance, and you’re all set to enjoy your movie!

What is the ticket price for EVP Cinemas?

Experience entertainment without breaking the bank! EVP Cinemas provides competitive pricing varying based on showtimes, seating categories, and current movies. Stay tuned for budget-friendly weekday specials!

  1. Standard Movies:
    • Matinee Shows (morning/early afternoon): These tickets are often priced lower, making it a more affordable option for those who can attend movies earlier in the day.
    • Evening Shows: Typically, these are the most popular times, especially on weekends, and tend to be priced higher.
  2. 3D and IMAX Screenings:
    • These special formats offer a more immersive experience and usually come with a premium in price compared to standard screenings.
  3. Special Days and Discounts:
    • Weekdays (Monday to Thursday): Tickets might be priced lower on these days to encourage more viewers when footfall is generally lower.
    • Weekends and Holidays: Expect ticket prices to be higher during these peak times.
    • Discounts/Special Offers: Some cinemas offer discounts for students, seniors, or loyalty club members. Special promotional days might also offer tickets at a reduced price.
  4. Luxury Seating and Exclusive Screenings:
    • If EVP Cinemas offers premium seating options or exclusive screenings, tickets for these will be more expensive. These could include recliner seats, VIP sections, or private screenings.

Do EVP Cinemas offer 3D movies?

Absolutely! EVP Cinemas enhances your viewing with cutting-edge 3D technology, letting the action jump off the screen and surround you for a truly immersive experience.

What are the facilities available at EVP Cinemas?

Comfort and convenience are paramount at EVP Cinemas. Enjoy spacious seating, stellar sound systems, and ultra-clean premises, ensuring a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable movie-going experience.

  1. Multiple Screens: EVP Cinemas likely operates several screens, allowing them to showcase a variety of films simultaneously, including blockbusters, international hits, and local favorites.
  2. Comfortable Seating: Comfort is a priority, with spacious, cushioned seats. Some theaters offer upgraded seating options like recliners or VIP seats with added legroom.
  3. Advanced Visual and Sound Technology: To ensure a fully immersive movie-watching experience, theaters are often equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as digital projectors, 3D capabilities, and surround sound systems.
  4. Concessions: A variety of dining options, ranging from classic movie snacks like popcorn and soda to more substantial fare, depending on the location. Some cinemas also have a bar serving alcoholic beverages.

Can I bring outside food into EVP Cinemas?

To ensure optimal hygiene and comfort for all guests, EVP Cinemas prohibits outside food. However, you’ll find an array of delicious snacks and beverages at our concession stands!

  1. Health and Safety Regulations: The cinemas are bound by strict health and safety regulations. These rules are in place to ensure that all food and beverages consumed on the premises meet certain standards, which can’t be guaranteed with outside food.
  2. Cleanliness and Hygiene: Keeping the cinema clean is also a top priority. Outside food can create additional waste and potential cleanliness issues, leading to an unpleasant environment for all patrons. By limiting food to what’s provided by the cinema, the staff can better manage waste and cleanliness.
  3. Business Model: A significant portion of a cinema’s revenue comes from food and beverage sales. This markup helps balance out the operational costs, including film rental fees, staff salaries, and property maintenance. Allowing outside food could impact this aspect of their business model.
  4. Contractual Obligations: Cinemas often have agreements with concession providers. These contracts stipulate that only food and beverages from these providers can be sold and consumed on the premises.
  5. Quality Control: The cinema can control the quality of the food served when it comes from its own concessions, ensuring it meets its standards and offers a consistent experience for all movie-goers.

Tell me about the movie experience at EVP Cinemas.

From the moment you step in, prepare for an unparalleled experience! With top-notch visuals, impeccable acoustics, and a vibrant atmosphere, EVP Cinemas is the ultimate destination for film aficionados and casual viewers alike.

Can I buy tickets for EVP Cinemas at the counter?

Of course! Visit our on-site ticket counter, open during regular hours. For quicker access and exclusive online discounts, consider booking your tickets through our digital platforms.

  1. Arrival and Queue: When you arrive at EVP Cinemas, you’ll find ticket counters, often located in the foyer. There might be separate queues based on ticket type or payment method, and during peak times or for popular films, be prepared for a wait.
  2. Choosing Your Movie and Showtime: Once at the counter, you’ll tell the cashier which movie you want to see and the preferred showtime. If you’re flexible or undecided, they can inform you of the available options.
  3. Selecting Seats: For cinemas with assigned seating, the cashier will typically ask where you’d like to sit, or they might show you a seating chart for you to choose from. They’ll then confirm the best available seats based on your preference.
  4. Payment: After you’ve confirmed your selection, you’ll pay for the tickets. Most cinemas accept a variety of payment methods, including cash, debit and credit cards, or entertainment vouchers. Be sure to ask about any discounts or special promotions that might be available.
  5. Receiving Your Tickets: The cashier will print and hand you physical tickets, which you’ll present for entry to the screening. They might also provide you with a receipt if you request one.
  6. Additional Purchases: If you’d like concessions or other amenities, you can typically handle these transactions at separate counters or stands within the cinema.

Is EVP Cinemas suitable for a family outing?

Yes! With a diverse selection of films, from animated adventures to family-friendly blockbusters, EVP Cinemas is the perfect place for family entertainment. Explore our special family packages for even more fun!

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