Finding your Pet the Perfect Dog Bed

Your dog deserves a restful sleep, just like you, and that’s why pet lovers have grown to appreciate the utility and convenience of having a good dog bed. Previously, dogs would have to suffer the fate of poor bone growth, restlessness and fatigue caused by poor sleep. Of course one would argue that animals in nature don’t need beds, but the fact is that most animals usually make their own comfortable patch or spot where they can sleep. Therefore, comfort is key even for your dog and these are some factors to consider when shopping for a dog bed. 

Assess The Dog’s Age And Size

The older a dog gets, it typically gets heavier and therefore needs stronger bones. Therefore, when buying a dog bed for a smaller dog or a puppy, consider a cot bed which is more solid and can handle the immature dog’s restlessness and nibbling. Since older dogs have matured and learnt some tricks, they are rarely restless and simply need some large comfortable dog beds. For such dogs, a lower bed with softer cushions would be ideal. Always put a comforter to align with the dog’s size and shape.

Ease of Cleaning and Portability

Most dogs shed fur and this is normal. When shopping for a dog bed, ensure you get one which is easy to clean. By simply going for a material that is less absorbent and can be easily wiped. This means opting for materials that don’t have a lot of cotton content in them, but ones that can be easily cleaned and dried in a short time. You should also go for a dog bed that is portable. Majority in the market tend to have features that you won’t need. Your pet simply wants a bed that can be moved outside or indoors when needed.  

Choosing the Right Framework

Just like for your bed, the framework for your dog bed should be sturdy and stable enough to support the dog’s weight and behaviors. Smaller dogs, require a lighter framework, which also assures you of portability. If your dog likes to sleep on lower places, then you don’t need a high framework. Ensure the framework is sturdy since it will handle a bit of the dog’s weight. However, if your pet likes to climb up on higher spaces to sleep, then a bed with a high framework is ideal. However, ensure its well padded and there is at least a 7 inch allowance between the framework and the beddings. 

How To Prevent Dog Ailments With Ideal Bed Size

Most posture problems in your pets are caused by bad beds. The most common dog ailments caused by small beds are poor bone growth, hip discomfort, sore muscles, stress, and dislocations among others. You would need to first measure the size of your dog by measuring the spine length. Add an extra 10’ to the measurement and you get an ideal dog bed size. Also ensure you get a new dog bed once you notice your dog has to curl up more than usual when its sleeping.

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