Can you cancel a cable and keep the internet?

Can you cancel a cable and keep the internet

TV has seen its prime in the earlier decades, however, today its standing may not be so strong. People are cutting the cord now more than ever, for plenty of reasons I may add.

They could be doing so to cutting the costs, shift to streaming services, and whatnot. The service providers have given this ease to the customers to opt for plans without TV as well.

Since all the telecommunication service providers offer the same internet and TV services, it does make one think if it is possible to cancel one without the other.

It is very easy to do so. You will have to get in touch with your provider and ask them for the cancellation. For instance, if you subscribed to Xfinity’s services, you will contact call their customer service and ask them about the guidance as to how can go through with the entire process. However, we are here to guide you through the initial steps.

So, if you are thinking that can you cancel a cable and keep the internet, we are here to help. Without any further adon, let’s get into it.

Why cut the cord?

As mentioned above, there are several reasons why people are cutting the cord today. The most prominent ones are the following:

  • Who does not want to save the bucks from wherever they can? Since we have witnessed an exponential growth in the prices of the cables, it was about time that people reverted to other options.
  • Isn’t it fun, being able to watch whatever you want in whichever room? Cable tends to take that away from us. Due to the cord connection, not every room can have a cable connection, which confines you to a certain space. With the advent of smart TVs, we can stream wherever we want with a stable internet connection.
  • With cable TV, viewers tend to feel stuck due to the lack of variety in the content. How can we forget the advertisements and a specific wait time for a show to start or get on the air. We don’t think that people today have much patience for this therefore they tend to shift to other streaming options due to the inventory of the content made available to them.

People like to be in control of what they want to do and how. Cable TV does not give this option to them exactly. There are still cable fans who would disagree and they plan to keep their cord intact. However, those who want to cancel the cable and keep the internet must keep reading.

Cancelling the cable

It is a rather simple process if you plan on cancelling the cable and keeping the internet. Let’s get into it.

  • Contact the provider’s customer support : It is the first most step. You will get in touch with your service provider’s customer services with whichever method you find suitable for you. A phone call however will be the most instant method. You can reach them out through any method that they provide and get in touch with them and inform them about your request.
  • Inform them about the cancellation : You must directly get to the point and inform them that you need your cable service cancelled, nevertheless, make sure you do need your internet plan retained. This piece of information must not be missed that you only wish on cancelling the cable.
  • Handling the cancellation department : Since every provider does have a cancellation and retention department. They will try to instigate you to change your decision but do not change your plan.
  • Collect the information regarding the cancellation : You will be informed about all the technicalities and make sure you note down all the information and guidance that is being given to you. You may be given a cancellation ID or any reference number, make sure you do not miss that.

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