Best Monitor For Home Office in 2022

Overview of a Best Monitor

A good and perfect monitor for home office is just the crucial requirements in the current time for productivity. The current work from home situation are making people looking for best perfect monitors that let them work efficiently and productively and that is good for their eyes too.

With more and more people working from home, they are relying on perfect setup of home office that give them office like taste. Here comes the crucial role of monitor that should be good enough to let them work from home with office like productivity keeping their eyes healthy.

Good monitors are expected to give you office like experience in home with perfect clarity, resolution and brightness which lets you do your office work – programming, editing, designing with productivity without giving you much eye strain.

It should also be perfect for occasional gaming, connecting PS5 and watching high resolution movies and videos. All this is under budget too. Best 5k/4k Gaming Monitors in the World.

Things one should consider while buying a perfect monitor

Screen Size

As you want a perfect work from home setup, definitely the screen size should be ideally good enough to let your work efficiently. A big screen give you detail of everything accurately and you need not to give your eye extra focus to see some tiny things.

Most of the work required wide screen (horizontally) but for some special tasks like programming long codes, reading live chats etc. you may need long screen (vertically), so select according to your needs.

If not necessary, avoid super-ultra-wide screens as it will force you to move your heads to look from one corner to another of screen instead of just moving your eyes. This is a practical things you can only understand practically.

One can also go with the curved screens which not just give you amazing look physically but also give you amazing experience for playing modern high quality games, watching high resolution videos etc.

Even not exactly 3D, but curved screens gives you 3D like experience by providing extra height and depth perceptions.

Refresh Rate

Refresh rate is the number of times your screen updates pictures on the screen per second and it is measured in Hertz. For example, if your display has a refresh rate of 144Hz, it is refreshing the image 144 times per second. 

Combined with powerful GPU and CPU, screen produced higher refresh rate which in turn gives you a smoother experience. Read more about this on intel site.

So more the refresh rate, better quick experience it is, and hence more the price of monitor is. If you are looking a good monitors just for home office, it is fine to go with average refresh rate, that let your job done easily.

But if you are planning to play heavy games, connect PS5, edit videos, then go with the higher refresh rate monitors as it gives you necessary lag free experience.

Panel Type

There are various types of screen panel technology used for the production of monitors. These are TN, IPS, VA, OLED etc. These all have its own features and drawbacks. Lets discuss it.

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels : This is most commonly used panel for monitors as it is cheap which makes the overall price of monitors less. This panel type is known for providing great refresh rate with high level of responsiveness. But it lacks in providing high contrast and color accuracy. Recommended for playing games, video editing and office work.

IPS panels : This panel is known for great image quality, viewing angles and accurate colors. The downside is that it lacks in response time, high input lag and it is expensive. This one is perfect for color related tasks like photo and video editing, watching movies and for office work.

VA (Vertical Alignment) panels : This panel provides best contrast, vibrant colors and is least expensive than IPS. Image quality is little bit down than IPS, middling viewing angles, and blur in gaming. This is mid between TN and IPS panel. This is like a budget IPS panel.

OLED panels : This panel is mother of all above technologies and recommended for any type of work. It gives high response rate, best contrast, excellent image quality with vivid and accurate colors. The drawbacks is its super expensiveness and less available. This screen panel can be used for all purpose like gaming, editing , watching movies and all types office works.

What i would personally recommend

If you are looking for just home office setup, go with TN panel as it is less expensive than others and let all your job done easily. It has great response time perfect for gaming and using PS5. But if you want to compromise response time and want color accurate and high contrast monitors, then go with IPS panels. Avoid OLED as it is too expensive.


This is also one of the crucial features to be considered while buying a good monitor. Almost all the budget monitors come with FHD 1920 x 1080 display resolution which is enough for all types of office works, editing and gaming etc. Most of the users have this resolution monitors.

But if you have enough budget and want to get ultra crystal clear screens, you can go with the 4K resolution screens. The 4K gives you amazing experience while playing games, using PS5, videos editing and watching videos. But keep in remember, your computer must have enough storage and RAM to store and edit 4k videos.

Other Things

Portability : I am not talking about laptop type portability, i just mean that your monitors comes with a flexible stands that lets you turn your screen little bit left-right and up-down according to your needs. This makes you feel relax if you can turn your screens according to your ease.

G-Sync/FreeSync : Your monitor must be equipped with either G-Sync or FreeSync to voiding tearing and reducing stuttering caused by misalignment between the screen’s refresh rate and the content’s frame rate.

List of Best Monitor for Home Office and productivity

Below, there is a list of best monitors that is good enough for home office setup, video-editing, gaming even with PS5 and all other general purpose. Please note that the order in the list doesn’t represent the rank. All are best with having unique differentiating qualities.

LG 34WN780-B : One of the best monitor for home office

LG Ultra Wide Monitor for home office

Features : 34 Inch UltraWide QHD | 3440 x 1440 resolution | 3-Side Virtually Borderless Design | AMD FreeSync | Ergo Stand | Optimized for office work

LG is one of the oldest brand making quality home gadgets at very affordable amount. This LG 34WN780 is one of its masterpiece budget monitor perfectly designed for all type of office work. This is a very good option monitor for making home office setup.

Equipped with 34 Inch 21:9 ratio ultra wide QuadHD screen with 3440 x 1440 resolution and packed with vivid IPS panel, the screen is ideally designed for home office. You can edit, code and review, while enjoying the immersive and clear visual experience on the rich, vivid IPS screen that’s accurate at wide angles.

It lets you customize the workspace by splitting the display into 3 portions with just a few mouse clicks, this feature is one of the recommended one for home office setup specially for programmer and editor. You can write codes and check the results at the same time.

With AMD FreeSync Compatible and sRGB 99% Color Gamut you will get High Dynamic Range (HDR 10) screen that Elevates picture quality for a more dynamic visual immersion experience. HDR10 is the digital HDR standard based on the sRGB 99% color gamut.

It has Reader Mode that helps Reducing blue light to reduce eye fatigue. It also has an option for Flicker Safe that reduces invisible flickering on the screen and provides a more comfortable working environment for your eyes. The best part is that with just a click you can switch to game mode screen for playing games if you want to chill.

This monitor comes with highly flexible stand that lets you extend as can be seen in the above picture, swivel, adjust height height and tilt the screen according to your convenience. This features give you relief during long day work. You can adjust the screen for different tasks.

Overall this is a very good and perfect monitor not just for home office and productivity but for other tasks too. Apart from office work and video-photo editing, you can play games occasionally, watch movies and much more.

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Samsung Business CH890 Series

Samsung Monitors

Features :  34 inch WQHD | 3440×1440 Ultrawide Curved Screen | | VA panel | AMD Free Sync | 100 hz refresh rate | 4ms response time | Ideal for business work

Samsung is one of the top brand making consumer electronics for a long time. Samsung products are easily found in our homes and we are used to its stunning quality. This Samsung monitor is one of the finest budget monitor for all business purposes.

With 34-Inch 21: 9 WQHD 3440 x 1440 wide VA panel curved screen and having ability to split, this monitor is a very good choice for home office setup with comfort and productivity. The 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio gives more room to work, while WQHD resolution offers twice the pixels of Full HD for a sharp, detailed picture. 

Combined with USB-C, you can connect multiple peripherals with a single cable, without any docking stations, port hubs or extra dongles. And to top it off, the monitor delivers a stunning, sleek design for your office. You can also use your USB 3.0 ports for multiple peripherals without needing extra hubs.

With AMD FreeSync, a 4ms response time and 100hz refresh rate deliver a smooth, crisp video experience, helping to eliminate blurring, ghosting, and juddering and reducing lag. The 3:000:1 contrast ratio delivers dark blacks and vibrant colors. And wide viewing angles help to ensure the picture is not degraded from off angles.

Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology help to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable work experience, even during long work hours. When Eye Saver Mode is active, blue light levels are lowered. And flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all levels of brightness.

good monitor

Again this monitor comes with flexible classy looking stands that allow you height adjustment, tilt, and swivel, along with VESA mounting capabilities offer increased ergonomic comfort. No doubt how crucial this feature is for long day work.

Overall this is a wonderful budget option for business purpose monitor specially crafted for office work and productivity. I will recommend this monitor if you are looking particularly for office and general purpose work and not for gaming.

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Dell U2720QM : best budget monitor for home office

Dell Best Monitors | Good Monitor for home office and productivity

Features : 27 Inch Screen | UltraSharp 4K UHD | IPS Ultra-Thin Bezel | virtually borderless InfinityEdge | VESA Certified

Dell being the champion of making consumer electronics is known for making quality products at affordable amount. This Dell U2720QM is one of its quality product. This monitor is one of the best budget monitor for home office setup and all other tasks.

Equipped with 27 Inch UltraSharp 4K UHD display along with IPS Ultra-Thin Bezel , this monitor gives true color experience and captivating details with a wide color coverage, including 95% DCI-P3. At this specs. this is a very good monitor not just for home office but also for hard core editing and gaming.

With a color depth 1.07 billion colors and high contrast ratio of 1300:1, the screen gives stunning visual and outstanding color gradient and precision in more shades. Ideal for editing, watching movies and playing games. Its InfinityEdge design lets Work with an uninterrupted view across multiple screens.

Physically it is a 32.3 x 17.9 x 6.1 inches, 11 pounds, black colored wide monitor with amazing finishing perfect for home office setup. It Comes with Adjustable stand which lets you adjust the screen according to your convenience which is very needy for long all day work.

The monitor Comes with Dell Display Manager’s (DDM) Easy Arrange feature that lets you quickly tile and view your applications side by side across one or more connected screens for multitasking efficiency, a good and perfect option for home office.

The auto-restore feature remembers where you left off, so applications will go back to where you left them, even after you’ve unplugged.

Good Monitor for home office

Overall this is a very wonderful monitor option for home office and productivity. One drawback is that it is not very recommended for heavy gaming as it has IPS panel for better display, its response time is little bit less that is hugely required during gaming.

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Sceptre ‎E275W : one of the perfect monitor for working

Features : 27-Inch | IPS panel | LED screen | 1080p 1920×1080 resolution | 75Hz refresh rate | HDMI VGA | Business Oriented

Sceptre is one of the names making quality monitors and giving tough competitions to the fully established competitors. This Sceptre is one of the good looking and performing monitor you should consider purchasing for office work.

With 1920×1080 resolution of IPS panel LED screen with 75Hz refresh rate, this is a light-weight monitor for all purpose. The wide viewing angles of 178 degree keep all the action sharply in sight from almost any viewing position.

The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel cannot be beat when it comes to consistently delivering top color performance and sharp visibility from multiple viewing angles.

With 99% sRGB, the display reveals an astonishing brightness and variance in red, green, and blue color across a wide gamut, providing a more defined and naturalistic display of color in every image.

good monitor for home office

Two HDMI ports and one VGA port provide up to 75HZ refresh rate, refining picture clarity in all action-packed gaming sequences and graphic design projects.

With built-in speakers, the monitor delivers office level audio for conference calls and internet workshops. Anti-Flicker property Provides a crisper picture by preventing the backlight from flickering periodically.

good monitor sceptre

Overall this is a 7.1 pounds machine colored monitor with overall dimension of ‎24.12 x 7.03 x 17.12 inches perfect for office work and content creation.

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Dell S2716DG

Good Monitor for home office | Best Monitor | Dell Monitor

Features : LED-backlit LCD | Max-Resolution 5120 x 2160 | NVIDIA G-SYNC Adaptive-Sync technology | Display position adjustments | contrast ratio 1000: 1 | response time 1 MS

No doubt, Dell is champion in making quality all-in-one products. This monitor Dell S2716DG is something designed for all purpose task. This series of Dell monitors are quite famous among those who do random tasks from office work to editing to gaming.

Equipped with 2560 x 1440 Wide Quad HD screen with 144 hertz refresh rate and 1ms response time, this is really a very fast monitor designed for rough work. The screen brightness is 350 CD/M² with contrast ratio of 1000 :1 and support 7 million colors. At this response time and color accuracy, the screen is perfect for home office setup, editing and gaming.

Dell Monitor for Gaming

The monitor comes with  NVIDIA G-SYNC Adaptive-Sync technology that gives un-distorted moving images. With quick response time, it doesn’t show any lag in performance during heavy tasks.

Talking to its physical look, it is a 70 lbs, 11 inches x 21.51 inches x 8.17.89 inches black colored device with quality finishing that gives perfect look for home setup. It has HDMI and Display Port at its side for convenience of plugging.

Its stand comes with Display position adjustments that allow the monitor to rotate, swivel, and tilt that, as i already discussed above, give quite relief during long work. You can adjust the monitor according to your convenience.

Dell Monitors | Good Monitors

Overall, this is a quality budget product by Dell which is designed for all purpose. If you want to buy a good monitor for home office that lets you do all the office work along with heavy editing and gaming, then this might be a clever choice for you. Checkout S2716DG Reviews Here.

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Good Monitor

Features : 34inches LED | Curved ultra wide | 4K | IPS panel | Color accurate | Anti-glare | Highly-adjustable

This is one of the monitor to be considered if you are looking for a good monitor for home office and productivity.

Having good color accuracy of sRGB 99% color gamut and better contrast, this is a nice monitor for programming and other color-related tasks like editing. The HDR10 renders dark and bright areas of an image with many more details.

I will not recommend this monitor for gaming due to low refresh rate and response time.

Being a curved and ultra-wide monitor with adjustable stand, this monitor will make your working desk good looking and productive.

The 34 inches 4k(3840 x 1440) IPS panel is ideal to work efficiently without messing up to zoom or blurriness. IPS panel is known for providing good quality pictures with accurate real color. Learn more about different panel here.

The refresh rate of this monitor is 60Hz which is not a problem unless you are not buying it for gaming. It can play light games soundly and even heavy games but by compromising smoothness.

Being equipped with anti-glare feature, the monitor allow you to work long hours without being feeling much pain in the eyes. We know how the eyes pain a problem for programmers and editor. Overall this is a better monitor for Multimedia, Personal, Business uses.

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