How to choose a best Gaming Mouse? | Guide

Best gaming mouse

Mouse is always underrated while while buying a computer setup. Any regular mouse does the same work from editing to surfing to any other normal tasks. But when it is about gaming, it should not be undermined. A perfect gaming mouse prove to be a game changer.

These days computer manufacturing companies are trying to make mouse specially dedicated to gaming, utilizing cutting edge technologies to deliver ultimate gaming experience, making it different from normal mouse.

Best dedicated mouse for gaming are expected to ultimate internal performances along with perfect physical dimensions and curvatures, feeling good to use. Lets see what should you consider while choosing a perfect gaming mouse for your setup.

Things you should consider while choosing a gaming mouse

wired or wireless

With the advancement in technology, the computer mouse are changed from wired to non-wired. Even though more people are using wired mouse for their regular tasks as it is cheap and do not use external battery power to operate it.

But when comes to gaming, wireless mouse is an ideal choice. A wireless mouse gives you more freedom to move and use while playing games, specially action games. Also you don’t want to mess with the wires and connections of mouse or keyboards for making a perfect gaming experience.

Optical or Laser

Modern mice are built on two technologies viz- Optical and Laser. Both types use CMOS Sensors for the detection of the movement by taking photos of the surface of the mouse. These two technologies define the sensitivity of the mouse.

Optical mouse are generally cheap and use LED light as the illumination source. These mouse come with resolution of 3000dpi and are capable of sensing only the top of the surface. That’s why need trackpad for working efficiently.

While laser mouse uses laser as an illumination source and has resolution greater than optical mouse in the range of 6000dpi-15000dpi. As oppose to the optical one, these mice not just sense the top but also peak and valley (roughness) of the surface. That’s why doesn’t need trackpad and work efficiently on any surfaces.

Clearly, laser mouse has more sensitivity than the optical mouse, but which one should you choose. Laser mouse are bit more expensive, and the difference in sensitivity of both mice are too low to be noticed for general purpose tasks. But the sensitivity become quite noticeable while accuracy related tasks like gaming and editing. Also high dpi is suitable for better gaming experience. So choose accordingly.

Read more about the difference between them here.

Size, Grip and weight

The grip and weight are another important feature to consider while choosing a gaming mouse. These two features are indirectly connected to the efficient performance of the mouse especially while doing accuracy related tasks.

Mouse should not be too big or too small, it should be perfectly fit in the palms of an average man. Too big or too small mouse will not give you that level of pin-point accuracy required for extreme gaming and hard editing.

Some mice better feels better under palm, specially gaming mice are built in a way to precisely fit in the palms making your fingers not left over. The pitch(top-incline) of the mouse should be as to keep half of your wrist above the surface, required for free movement. This is a practical experience.

Now, your gaming mouse should not have too weighty, as it will hinder you for fast movement of the mouse required for playing games. If your mouse is big in size, definitely, it gonna be heavy too. So, these are inter-related features you should consider while choosing a gaming mouse.

Appearence, Light and Customisation

Although these are not the too-required features to be considered while choosing a gaming mouse. But since you are investing a lot on gaming monitors, CPUs, etc to take your gaming experience to the next level, these features should be considered.


Your gaming setup is incomplete without a good looking mouse. Not overestimating, even though it is small in size, it the queen of the setup. Gaming mice are designed with special looks, logos and color to make it attractive.

If your monitor has RGB, your keyboard has RGB, why not your mouse. If your mouse has RGB color lights with special pattern, believe me it is just the center of attraction on your gaming desk. Not just it looks cool, but it with changing color, it gives relief to your eyes and mind.

Some mice comes with color and button customization according to your needs. You can customize the RGB colors and the color changing rates with your choice. You can also customize the buttons of the mouse to work according to your preferred way. These qualities gives some extra value to your money apart from just performances.

List of best mouse for gaming

Logitech G502

Logitech G502 at amazon.comFeatures :
Lightspeed performance
HERO 25K sensor
PowerPlay wireless charging
zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
Up to 60 hrs power life
Adjustable Dpi from 100-25,600 dpi
Dimension 2 x 4 x 8 inches
11 customizable buttons 
Adjustable weight by removing parts
Personal RGB animations

Razer DeathAdder Expert

Razer DeathAdder Expert at amazon.comFeatures :
Lightspeed performance
Optical sensor
6,400 Adjustible DPI
Fully programmable thumb buttons
Accurate response
Dimension 5 x 2.76 x 1.73 inches
Weight 4.6 ounces
1 Lithium ion batteries required
Mechanical Mouse switches
Razer Chroma customisable lighting

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE at amazon.comFeatures :
Optical sensor
18,000 Adjustible DPI
Qi Wireless Charging
Low power consumption
Blazingly fast response times
Customizable RGB backlighting
8 programmable buttons
Dimension 5 x 3.5 x 1.69 inches
Weight 9.6 ounces

Mashiro Gaming Mouse

Mashiro Gaming Mouse at amazon.comFeatures :
Honeycomb Design
Optical Sensor
3 adjustable DPI speed switches: 800-1200-1600
7 RGB customizable backlight colors
7 LED switch buttons for different modes
Up to 50 hrs power life
Dimension 5.91 x 4.09 x 1.93 inches
Weight 5 ounces

Logitech G604

Logitech G604 at amazon.comFeatures :
Lightspeed performance 1 mms
Hero 16K sensor
Low surface friction
Extremely accurate tracking
6 Programmable buttons
High DPI upto 25,600 max
Zero smoothing, filtering, or acceleration
Hard Gaming Mouse Pad for High DPI Gaming
240 hrs battery life

Razer Basilisk

Razer Basilisk at amazon.comFeatures :
Gaming MouseUltimate HyperSpeed
20K DPI Optical Sensor
Customizable Chroma RGB
11 Programmable Buttons 
100 Hr Battery
Smooth back surface
Radio frequency connectivity
Fastest Gaming Mouse Switch
Dimension 2.96 x 5.11 x 1.67 inches
Weight 14.5 ounces

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin

ASUS ROG Gladius II Origin at amazon.comFeatures :
Wired USB
Ergonomic designed for all types of grip
Aura Sync RGB
12000 DPI Optical
0G Acceleration
250 IPS sensors
swappable Omron switches
Highly designed for gaming
Dimension 5.51 x 2.76 x 8.66 inches
Weight 9.5 ounces

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