How to Repair Laptops at Home : how to fix a broken laptop

Laptop Repair Made Easy : Fix a broken laptop at home with ease

The laptop repair industry is a fast growing business and the demand for skilled repairers was never so high. And this demand is expected to continue to increase ever year.

Knowing how to repair laptops is not just necessary for working in repair shops but also for repairing home laptops and avoid giving technicians pocketful of money.

What are the common problems in laptop?

If your laptop are broken or out of order, there might be any of these problems –

  1. Any broken internal parts
  2. Hard drive or RAM issue
  3. CD/DVD drive issue
  4. Display troubleshooting or screen teardown
  5. Power supply troubleshooting
  6. Keyboard or keypad issue
  7. Trackpad issue
  8. Overheating
  9. Slow performances
  10. Malware or viruses

Above is the list of laptop problems and we have its solutions. In this laptop repairing course, you will get cover all these stuffs with real practical knowledge and know how to fix any parts or replace with new one with ease and effective way.

Laptop Repair Made Easy™ will help you to:

  • Start your own successful laptop repair business that’ll never run out of desperate customers.
  • Be able to relax when your own laptop breaks down because you’ll know exactly how to fix the problem.
  • Start making money right away by repairing broken down laptops (that can be bought for near to nothing) and selling them for a massive profit.
  • See your profits explode because I’ll tell you exactly where I buy all my supplies for a fraction of their retail price.

The Course contains :

Laptop Repair Basics

  • CD/DVD Drives – info, repair and replacing.
  • Batteries – all about batteries and how to find replacements cheaply.
  • Tools and Accessories – for repairing laptops faster.
  • Motherboards – info, repair and replacement.
  • Memory – info, adding memory and finding replacements parts.
  • Hard Drives – all about hard disks and how to replace them.

Laptop Screens

  • Display & Inverters Troubleshooting
  • LCD Screen Teardown

Power Supply

  • Power Supply Troubleshooting
  • Replacing a Powerjack
  • Testing the Power Supply With a Multimeter


  • How to Remove/Replace a Laptop’s Keyboard
  • Keyboard Cleaning and Finding Part Numbers
  • Replacing Keys on Any Laptop Model

Laptop Teardowns (Tearing a Laptop Apart – Every part is covered!)

  • HP 6730b
  • Toshiba A505
  • Macbook Air (Mac)
  • Acer Aspire One (Netbook)


  • Hard Disk Replacement
  • Mac Book Pro Hard Disk Replacement
  • Battery Replacement
  • CD/DVD Drive Replacement
  • Adding/Replacing Laptop Memory
  • Touchpad Troubleshooting
  • Processor Replacement
  • Laptop Fan Cleaning
  • Wireless Card Replacement