How to Select the Right ERP for School

With the growing technology and advancements in science, all professional sectors have evolved and advanced a lot. The same needs to be done for our education system too. Leaving behind the tiresome and laborious conventional educational methods, educators and admins must switch to technology. Using enterprise resource planning software is the smart choice in this regard. It is a type of application that helps to automate major teaching and working tasks like attendance, admissions, fee reports, and more. Let us now discuss a complete set of points that admins must keep in mind to find and select the right ERP for school.

Key points to select the right ERP for school

1.Make sure it’s financially supportive

There are several ERP software available in the market. Among the various options obtainable, admins should select the financially supportive one. The short-term and long-term costs should be affordable. It should not be overly expensive as a lot of expenditure goes into running a school. The maintenance cost of the software being selected should not be over the top. Look for an application that is cost-effective and offers better flexibility, convenience, and comfort to the stakeholders.

2. Ease of use

Our educators and admins are quite comfortable and familiar with conventional teaching methods. They are highly experienced with the traditional teaching styles and don’t move out of that circle. A tough technology in the school might not be suitable for all the teachers. Keeping in mind the computer or technical skills of all, a school ERP that offers simple functioning must be selected. Complex steps can lead to more confusion, and errors and won’t be helpful for anyone. Therefore, admins must research well and opt for software that offers a seamless user experience. Clunky schematics and highly advanced features should be avoided.

3. Check testimonials

Before making an online purchase, we do check the testimonials and reviews of the people who already purchased and used the product. This helps us to get a proper idea, and guidance before buying goods. The same should be done while selecting the right enterprise resource planning software for educational institutions. Research well on the internet, check the official websites, and read the testimonials. This will help you to get a clear picture of the product, and services offered. You also get to know the pros, and cons too. Reach out to the different ERP software vendors, and get your doubts answered. Check the different brands, and their software, analyze them well and choose the appropriate one for your work and school.

4. Helpful for all stakeholders

To run a school effectively, proper communication among teachers, parents, students, and admins is quite important. To select the right ERP for a school, make sure that it offers effective services and help to all the stakeholders. For example, teachers can upload audio-visual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations for the students online. This will aid the academic understanding and class performance of the learners. The platform should allow teachers and parents to stay connected throughout. From attendance, admissions, fee payments, and result reports, to feedback exchange all should be automated.

5. Mobile-friendly/ remote functionality

A teacher’s job doesn’t end during school hours. Also, students have a long day and study after school is over. The right ERP for schools is the one that offers remote functionality to the users. This means after the school timings too, teachers, parents, students, and admins can use the software for interacting and doing the necessary tasks. A mobile-friendly application offers simple and easy navigation and functioning to the users. This helps the stakeholders to enjoy the system in the comfort and convenience of their respective homes. Students can access the audio-visual learning tools from anywhere and at any time for better academic understanding.

Advantages of using ERP in schools

To ensure the smooth functioning and growth of the schools, everyday responsibilities and duties need to be performed effectively. Also, adapting to new techniques, and strategies in the educational field is equally important. To do so, enterprise resource planning software is quite beneficial. It helps to automate the whole education process. Some of its benefits are:

  • Better productivity and time management skills.
  • Improved communication among parents, teachers, and admins.
  • Getting online report cards, results, and learning curves in a few simple steps.
  • Availability of real-time data
  • Transparency, cloud backup, and security
  • Online exam management, admissions, fee submissions, and more.


ERP is one of the best solutions to work effectively and ensure the smooth functioning of a school. By reading the above-mentioned information we can make out the important aspects that one should keep in mind to select the best enterprise resource planning software for the schools. This helps in enhancing the learning experience, outcomes, and teaching practices respectively.

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