iPhone Instagram Story Rounded Corners Png

Instagram stories with rounded corners are more visually appealing and look more like iOS designs. Both iOS and Android users want to create this effect.

A set of transparent PNG images with rounded corners can be used to easily add this effect to Instagram stories. Over 130 rounded-corner PNG templates are available to download.

Benefits of rounded corners:

  • Look more sleek, modern, and attractive like iOS
  • Help stories stand out in the Instagram feed
  • Keep viewers more engaged and interested

Why Round Edges Are Popular

  • Give a smoother, more visually appealing look vs sharp rectangular edges
  • Fit Instagram’s general design language using smooth corners
  • Help the story stand out more in the Instagram feed

How to use rounded corner PNGs:

  • Download a pack of rounded corner PNGs
  • Open the Instagram story and add the desired photo/video
  • Select the sticker option and choose the rounded corner PNG that matches your content
  • Adjust the sizing of PNG to fit over your photo/video edges
  • Share the story with a new visually appealing rounded effect
iphone instagram story rounded corners png

Easy Ways to Add Round Edges to Instagram Stories.

Quick design hacks

Tools and apps to streamline the process


  • How to Use:
    1. Open the Canva app or website.
    2. Choose the ‘Instagram Story’ template.
    3. Upload your image.
    4. Use the ‘Elements’ section to add a rectangle or square shape.
    5. Adjust the shape to cover your image and use the slider to round the corners.
    6. Export as a PNG or JPG and upload to your Instagram Story.

Over (by GoDaddy):

  • How to Use:
    1. Open the Over app.
    2. Choose a template or start from scratch.
    3. Import your image and use the built-in editing tools to round the corners.
    4. Save and upload to Instagram.

How can I create a round-edge PNG for my Instagram story

  1. Open Instagram and select a photo/video for your story
    After downloading the PNG pack, open the Instagram app and select a photo or video from your camera roll to use in your story.
  2. Add sticker and select desired round edge PNG
    Go to the sticker option within Instagram stories and select the rounded corner PNG from your downloads that best fits the dimensions of your photo/video.
  3. Adjust the sizing of the PNG
    Use the sizing adjusters to scale the PNG so it fully covers the corners/edges of your photo or video.
  4. Share the story with a new rounded-edge effect
    With the PNG overlayed on your content, you can now share your Instagram story with the custom rounded edges applied.

Additional tips:

  • Use different colored PNGs to match different photos
  • Add to both photos and videos in stories
  • Also works for Instagram Reels
  • Create consistent branding with the same PNG pack


Rounded corner Instagram stories can be easily created on both iOS and Android by using transparent PNG images tailored for this effect. The result is more engaging and sleek-looking stories.

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