Lana del Rey West Palm Beach

  1. Lana Del Rey is going on a 10-city tour in September 2023, including stops in Tampa and West Palm Beach, Florida. Her West Palm Beach show is on September 23 at the iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre.
  2. Tickets for the tour went on sale on August 25. The shows are expected to sell out quickly given Del Rey’s popularity and the limited tour dates.
  3. Del Rey is known for her dreamy, melancholy pop music and songs exploring themes like love, heartbreak, and Americana. She has released multiple popular albums since her breakout in 2011.
  4. Reviews of her recent West Palm Beach show were very positive, with critics praising the intimate feel despite it being an amphitheater show. Her setlist spanned new songs as well as older fan favorites.
  5. Some fans were disappointed by the smaller venues and limited tickets. But those who attended felt it was a magical, almost religious experience seeing the elusive Del Rey live.
  6. In addition to West Palm Beach, she is also performing in cities like Dallas, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC.

What is Lana del Rey’s latest Album?

  • Full title: “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd”
  • Released on March 24, 2023, it’s her 9th studio album
  • Described as her most ambitious and riskiest album to date, with dense songwriting exploring themes like grief, identity, and romantic relationships
  • Includes standout tracks like the title track, “A&W”, “Sweet”, and “Open Me Up”
  • Produced in collaboration with longtime producer Jack Antonoff

The Concert Experience

Del Rey chose smaller, more intimate venues for her tour. While this disappointed some fans who missed out on tickets, it created a magical, personal atmosphere.
The audience was very respectful, aware this was a special moment with the normally elusive Del Rey.
Her setlist spanned newer songs from her 2023 album as well as older fan favorites like “Born to Die”.
Del Rey mostly sang while sitting down, adding to the intimate “lullaby” feel.
Her backup dancers enhanced the show, flowing like “waves in the ocean” during the songs.

What was the audience like at Lana del Rey’s concert in West Palm Beach?

  • Very enthusiastic and dedicated fans. Many felt seeing the normally elusive Del Rey live was a special, “once-in-a-lifetime” experience.
  • Respectful and attentive during her performance. Fans were aware of the intimate vibe Del Rey wanted to create and did not invade her space.
  • Familiar with her full catalog of music, from newer songs to older fan favorites like “Born to Die” and “Summertime Sadness.” The crowd passionately sang along to the hits.
  • Appreciative of the small, intimate venue. While the limited ticket availability was frustrating to some, those who attended felt the personal atmosphere was magical.
  • Captivated by her stage presence and vocals. Even while sitting for portions, Del Rey had strong vocals and used visuals like dancers and floral swings to enhance her dreamy, melancholy songs.

What was the mood of the audience at Lana del Rey’s concert in West Palm Beach?

Reverent and respectful. Fans felt seeing the normally elusive Del Rey live was a special, “once-in-a-lifetime” moment and did not want to disrupt her intimate vibe. The audience gave her space and attentively soaked in her performance. Enthusiastic and familiar with her music. The crowd passionately sang along to both newer songs and older classics like “Born to Die.” They were very engaged throughout the show. Appreciative of the intimate venue. While the small venue frustrated some fans who couldn’t get tickets, those who attended felt the personal atmosphere was magical. Captivated by her vocals and stage presence. Even while Del Rey was sitting for portions, her strong live vocals and use of visuals like dancers had fans mesmerized. Emotional, as Del Rey’s dreamy, melancholy music created a mood of wonder and catharsis. Some fans were even brought to tears by the moving experience of seeing her live.

Overall, the audience contributed to an illuminating, almost spiritual concert atmosphere that matched Del Rey’s normally elusive persona. Her fans felt lucky to catch such an intimate, emotional show with the star.

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