Marques Brownlee Net Worth Achievement 2022

Marques Keith Brownlee also known professionally as MKBHD is a phenomenon on youtube have been serving his viewers for more than 12 years. If you look the word youtube and tech. the first name that comes in mind is Marques Brownlee.

Joining youtube on March 21, 2008 while still in high school. He first started uploading technology videos in January 2009, about new products or reviews of products he already owned. He produced his first videos through screen-casting. His first several hundred videos were primarily hardware tutorials and freeware. 

As of December 2019, his channel has gained over 10 million subscribers, making MKBHD one of the most subscribed-to technology-focused YouTube channels, according to Social Blade. Brownlee uploaded his 1000th video on March 29, 2018.

He use to made YouTube videos on smartphones, headphones, camcorders, smartwatches, tablets, speakers, Nike’s self-lacing boots and Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

What is Marques Brownlee Net Worth 2022?

According to a trusted source, Marques in 2022 is getting almost 45K USD per month just from youtube advertisements. More than that he is also making a big from sponsorships even though he do not take lots of sponsorships.

According to the source his net worth is approximately 10M USD which he has earned not just from youtube but from a business that he created around him.

As of 2021 his main channel ‘Marques Brownlee’ has 14.5M subscribers. While he has other channels too. His secondary channels ‘WVFRM Podcast’ has more than 120K subscribers where he use to do podcasts and ‘Waveform Clips’ having 120K subscribers. Along with that he use to run a blog at

Achievement of Marques Brownlee

In December 2015, Brownlee interviewed professional NBA basketball player Kobe Bryant, titled Talking Tech with Kobe Bryant!, in which he talks about tech interests of Kobe and the most recent Kobe-designed Nike shoes, the Kobe 11.

During one of the 2016 Democratic presidential primary debates that was cosponsored by YouTube, Brownlee asked the candidates, by video, whether tech companies and the government can find a middle ground over encryption while considering rights to privacy and national security.

In October 2016, he interviewed Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi during the release of their latest MacBook Pro 2016. The latter was, again, invited to Brownlee’s channel after WWDC 2020 in June.

In March 2018, he interviewed Neil deGrasse Tyson. In April 2018, Brownlee won Shorty Awards Creator of the Decade. In June 2018, Brownlee was a guest on Hot Ones. Same year he interviewed Tesla CEO Elon Musk.  In December 2018, Brownlee was featured in YouTube Rewind, later releasing a video on his complaints about the series.

In February 2019, he interviewed Bill Gates. In October 2019, he interviewed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella before Microsoft’s Surface announcement, in addition to actor Will Smith.

In May 2021, Marques interviewed Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google on various subjects such as future technology and AI.


2017 – Best Science and Education Series Nominee

2018 – Best in Science or Education Winner

2018 – Creator of the Decade Winner

2019 – Best in Technology Winner

2020 – Creator of the Year Nominee

2020 – Best in Technology Winner

2020 – Best Podcaster Nominee