7 Must-Have Apps For Emergencies

The current world is unpredictable, with loads of dangers surrounding us. At least once in our life, we might need to come across some emergencies and rescue assistance that requires our immediate action and knowledge.  For example, you might have seen an unpredictable accident while traveling on your regular route from the office.

During such situations, you need the best communication tools to seek proper solutions and assist you in contacting the right person at the right time. Whether you are in personal danger or have another person in a dangerous situation, some applications might help you. Installing them can sometimes be the difference between life and death. 

In this article, we have created a list of 7 apps that will support you in case of emergencies. 

What Are Some Life-changing Apps?

Most people use social media applications for communication and entertainment. But in reality, they can be life-changing, especially in conditions like natural or artificial disasters. 

When there is a flood or any community problem in a local region, you can use these mobile applications to spread awareness. For instance, you can do this through posts to receive immediate help like food, water, and rescue missions. 

Another example: if there is a large-scale earthquake, these apps might pin your location to the rescue forces allowing them to identify your spot immediately and conduct a relief mission. 

7 Must-Have Apps For Emergencies

1. Apple Health Medical ID

With the Apple Medical ID, you can constantly relay your health condition and status to emergency services. Other people can’t know your blood group and allergies during emergencies. 

So having this app will allow them to access your medical details and contacts through your lock screen. It is a free application and provides information about your latest health details. However, it only works with Apple devices. You can link it with your Apple Health application and enjoy a healthy life.

2. First Aid and Emergency Techniques

Whether a minor or a significant injury, the first and foremost step is to perform first aid regardless of the seriousness. This First Aid and Emergency Techniques application will help you to seek help in case of emergencies like a simple accident or injury at home. 

You can also use this app to treat others. It solves simple and some major illnesses, including electric shocks and sprain.  So if your colleague or a family member has a second heart attack, you can use this app to provide first aid before taking them to a hospital. 

3. iCall

It is common for people today to experience threatening calls that demand money, favors, and other requirements. 

During such situations, you cannot simply visit a police station to make a complaint about the call. You need to have proper proof to submit. 

Therefore, you can use this advanced call recorder, i.e., the iCall recorder, that focuses on recording your calls with advanced clarity and accuracy. 

This app is one of the best emergency apps that can act as proof or statements for your complaint. By recording calls from the person on the other end, you can gain the upper hand over them. 

Having a call recorder software can act as your shield. You can install and experience the free trial before buying the premium version. 

4. My Earthquake Alerts – US & Worldwide Earthquakes

If you are visiting a new country or are located in an earthquake zone, then this application is for you. 

This earthquake alert application will provide a safety net when you encounter disaster situations. Further, the application has saved millions by dropping them in a safer position during disaster situations. It allows you to receive required information about live earthquake situations happening globally through a map. 

5. EchoSOS

If you are searching for a good application that you can use during an emergency, then this application can come in handy too. 

You can now use this application to dial the emergency number and transmit your current location. The app also provides appropriate information about the nearest emergency services.  You can also add your favorite emergency contacts and access them in hard times.

6. Bsafe

Now you have the option to create your security network along with your loved ones. You can become the guardian of your family members with this application. Further, you can receive accurate information about their location and SOS alarms during their time of trouble. 

It’s not just for protecting others. You can also combine with your friends and family to ensure your security. You can also receive fake calls from this application when you are bored of chatting with another person to avoid lengthy conversations. Pretty useful.

7. Secure Call

If you want to place a call without anyone eavesdropping, then install this application. This app encrypts your calls and protects them from being leaked to prying eyes. 

Due to the end-to-end encryption, even the app developers can’t access your data. The best part? This app requires minimal permissions while maintaining your anonymity.  


What apps can help me? If you often wonder about this question, then this list is super helpful for you. 

These are the seven apps you must have to protect yourself from physical and mental harm.  With these apps, you can now treat emergencies with a different perspective that might save lives.  Applications like iCall can be a boon to society with their exclusive features. But while using these applications, ensure that you do not invade the privacy of others.

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