Neil Simon Theater Seating Chart

Built in 1927 as the Alvin Theatre, the Neil Simon Theatre was renamed in 1983 after the Pulitzer-winning American playwright behind Sweet Charity. Alongside some of Simon’s plays, the theater has been home to several hit musicals and ground-breaking dramas. Sitting next door to the Walter Kerr Theatre, the Neil Simon has a classic, clean, red-brick exterior decorated by three white, arched windows. Its main feature is its deep auditorium, with rows extending back to Z in the Orchestra.

Plenty of hits have been celebrated at the Neil Simon Theatre, including Broadway favorites Company (1970) which was nominated for 14 Tony Awards in 1971, and Hairspray (2002-2009). In recent years the theater has enjoyed plenty of sold-out shows as locals and tourists flocked to see limited engagements of Jesus Christ Superstar (2012), Big Fish (2013), and Angels in America (2018).

  • Capacity: Around 1,445 seats
  • Opened in 1927 as the Alvin Theatre, designed by Herbert J. Krapp
  • Renamed the Neil Simon Theatre in 1983 during the run of Brighton Beach Memoirs
  • Owned and operated by the Nederlander Organization
  • Has orchestra and mezzanine levels

Seating Layout

  • The orchestra has around 700 seats split into left, right, and center sections
  • The Mezzanine also split into left, right, and center with around 745 seats
  • Best views are typically in the front and center orchestra (rows A-F) and front center mezzanine (rows A-B)
  • The rear orchestra can have more obstructed views due to the mezzanine overhang
  • Good value seats in center orchestra (rows H-P) and mezzanine (rows F-M)
  • Accessible seating available in various orchestra and mezzanine locations
neil simon theater seating chart

Neil Simon Theatre Orchestra

The Neil Simon Theatre orchestra has a total of 669 seats spread across three subsections and 25 rows (A).

The three subsections, left, right, and center, each have varying numbers of rows, with the center orchestra being the longest. The left and right orchestra seats are odd and even numbered respectively while the center subsection seats are consecutively numbered.

Neil Simon Theatre Mezzanine

The mezzanine section houses the only elevated seating in the theatre (apart from the corner box seats). With a total seat count of 627, the mezzanine is divided into five subsections with rows titled from A to U. The center mezzanine is the biggest while the four corner subsections make for around 200 of the total 627 seats.

The left subsections are odd-numbered and fall in the range of 1-15 while the right subsections are even-numbered (2-16). The center section has seats numbered 101-127, all consecutively.

Which Seats/Section Offer the Best Value for Money?

Given that the front row seats are the most expensive too, they are not an option for everyone. But that’s where the middle rows of both sections come into play. Both the orchestra and the mezzanine have decent middle-row seats that offer a clean look at the stage and aren’t too heavy on the pocket!

Specifically, Rows H to P in the orchestra and Rows F to M in the mezzanine fall in the value-for-money category with average ticket prices falling in the range of $80 to $150.

neil simon theater seating chart

Notable Events

  • Long runs of shows like A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, High Spirits, and The Great White Hope in the 1960s/1970s
  • Brighton Beach Memoirs opened here in 1983, followed by Biloxi Blues
  • Hosted productions of Cats and Hairspray


The front and center seats provide the optimal views, while the middle orchestra and mezzanine offer good value. The layout provides decent sightlines but rear/side sections may have obstructions.

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