Protect Your Website From Cyber Attacks With Dedicated Server Singapore


Every website on the Internet needs strong data security. This is because of the increasing number of cyber-attacks every day. Leaving any loophole in your website security can easily give the way to attackers to make their way towards manipulating your website data. 

The foremost & significant step you need to take towards this is to acquire a reliable web hosting solution that can assure comprehensive data protection. This is where the Dedicated Server Singapore enters the picture and forms its ideal place for your business website. The dedicated web server allows you to scrap all the restrictions & limitations one faces under the other kinds of web hosting plans. 

However, in order to make the optimal usage of your dedicated server in Singapore, you must seek a trustworthy & top-notch web host. So, with this guide, you will also get insights into Serverwala data center as well as its best-dedicated server hosting plans & packages. 

Let’s dive into the sections below and begin with comprehending precisely why your website requires robust protection. 

Why does Your Website Require Protection?

Mentioned following are listed reasons that tell the utmost significance of website protection –

  • To establish the integrity & trust of your website on the Internet
  • To enable your website to get top SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking on the search engines
  • To attain the SSL certificate with utmost ease
  • To prevent your time & efforts spent on building your website from getting wasted

How Dedicated Server Singapore Protects Your Website From Cyber Attack?

With the Singapore dedicated server hosting, you obtain root control access to your web hosting server. It provides scalable dedicated web resources for hosting your website. Also, the SSH control of your server enables you to run, manage, and administer your physical server as you want or desire. Further, you get the following privileges with the dedicated server to ensure the full security of your website –

  • High customizability
  • Remote access control of a web hosting server
  • Independent & private web hosting environment
  • High web page loading speed

Where You Can Get a Secured Dedicated Server In Singapore?

As mentioned at the beginning, you can place your trust in the Serverwala data center without any uncertainty to buy the best dedicated server Singapore. Serverwala is one of the most influential as well as industry-leading web hosts around the globe. It is well-renowned for rendering hyper-scale Singapore dedicated server hosting at the cheapest cost pricing. 

Further, the data center provides advanced & powerful web security features as well as secure network channels. This enables you to securely host your website with the fastest as well as smooth performance. On the other hand, you will acquire the support of progressive & modern technologies along with enterprise-grade hardware for efficiently managing your website on a dedicated web server. 

Benefits of a Dedicated Server Singapore From Serverwala

Dedicated Server Singapore

You obtain excellent benefits with Serverwala’s cheap dedicated server Singapore. Let’s get a quick look at them!

99.90% Uptime Network Assurance

The Serverwala data center assures the delivery of a 99.90% uptime network guarantee with the dedicated server in Singapore. This enables you to host your website hassle-free round the clock with almost zero downtime & high stability.  

Seamless Hosting Flexibility and Scalability

Your website obtains outstanding flexibility & scalability with the data centers’ dedicated server web hosting. You can easily scale up or down the web services & facilities you receive at any time according to your requirements. 

Unmatched data protection

Serverwala data center offers standard as well as cutting-edge data security features with its robust bare-metal dedicated server. The hosting features involve potent in-built antivirus, free SSL certificate, DDoS protection, end-to-end encryption, and many more. 

Automatic Data Backup Facility

With Serverwala data center, you obtain the exclusive advantage of an automated data backup facility for your website. This enables you to assure the total safety of your website.

Plans and Packages of Singapore Dedicated Server by Serverwala

Serverwala data center is also highly recognized & comes at the forefront for rendering the most inexpensive dedicated server hosting plans & packages. With all the plans & packages of the dedicated web server, your website gets a private VLAN subnet, hardware RAID, and unlimited bandwidth. 

Further, the data center also lets you choose between fully managed & managed web hosting services with your dedicated server Singapore plan or package. Your choice must be based on whether you possess enough time & expertise needed to handle your virtual private server on your own. 


Protecting your website with the dedicated server Singapore is the smartest move any website owner can take. Dedicated servers hosting brings in administrative privileges and high-class hosting benefits with the safe & secure web hosting platform. Further, it helps you crush every limitation & restriction one can encounter under the other kinds of web hosting solutions. Moreover, Serverwala data center offers the cheapest range of high-grade Singapore dedicated server web hosting plans & packages with compelling facilities. 

The data center also ensures 24/7 technical & customer assistance through a team of proficient specialists & skilled professionals. The team is available over various channels to offer prompt & profitable solutions to all your queries & issues. You can visit the informational website of Serverwala right away to gain more insightful details regarding the most promising & most reasonable dedicated server Singapore web hosting.

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