Simple Tips to Enjoy Softer Hair – Get Your Sleek Hair Back

woman waving her long brown hair

If you have dull, scratchy hair, seeing someone with long, lovely hair and realizing they were born with it makes you envy them. Learn to soften and silken your hair. Frizzy, unruly, and lifeless hair is common among women worldwide. However, many women are unaware that this can be fixed. You may acquire silky hair and turn heads with the proper hair care routine. 

Basic hair nourishing treatments can make your hair healthier, silkier, softer, and longer. Check these tips to permanently silken your hair!

Use heat protectants

No matter how much we try, we can’t avoid heat-styling products that give us poker-straight hair or spring-roll curls for a change. Before heat styling, apply a heat-protectant serum to protect your hair. It keeps hair silky and reduces frizz with keratin. It protects hair from heat damage, dryness, and scorching.

Use heat tools sparingly on hair

You may have used a heat protectant serum, yet you can’t straighten hair for 10 minutes. Frequent heat-styling can also dull hair. Handle such tools gently and use them only twice a week.

Apply conditioner after shampooing

Not using a conditioner is a big error. It detangles hair and strengthens hair follicles, binds hair cuticles, controls split ends, and locks moisture for shine and bounce. Additionally, use a light shampoo and conditioner. It’s paraben- and dye-free to calm dry hair. This multivitamin softens and controls frizz with olive and camellia oils.

Don’t always wash your hair

You may have to abandon those outdated yet risky hair tips to get silky hair. Daily hair washing can deplete its natural oil, leaving it brittle and dry. Hair needs sebum to be hydrated. Try washing your hair twice or thrice a week with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. They revitalize lifeless hair with a nutrient-rich solution that is paraben-free. Get glossy hair while protecting your locks from the dirt and pollution of everyday life. Additionally, avoid using hot water since this weakens the roots and increases hair loss. 

When washing your hair, use the best quality water through a Kinetico whole-house water filter system in FL. With this advanced filtration system, your water will have fewer contaminants and you’ll notice the difference in both your hair and skin. 

Avoid overexposure to sunlight

Morning light helps your body create vitamin D, but it doesn’t benefit your hair. Sunlight, whether mild or intense, can dry hair. When outside in the sun, you should also protect your hair cuticles by wearing a cap or scarf to block out the damaging UV rays.

Avoid using a towel to rub your hair vigorously

On occasion, the simplest hair advice can also be the most effective. Wet hair, whether greasy, dry, or a mix, is more likely to break. It is best to let hair dry naturally. To absorb the moisture, you can also wrap a gentle cotton towel. If the advice above wasn’t clear enough, using a hairdryer on damp hair without a heat protectant serum is a surefire method to damage your hair further.

Have a better pillowcase

Did you know your pillowcase may affect your dry hair? Cotton pillows absorb hair moisture, drying and dulling it. Silk pillows make you feel grand and shine your hair.

Use these tips and maintain your hair routinely to get ever-lasting shiny, silky, and soft hair. Good luck!

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