7 Affordable Smart Home Gadgets you can consider buying

In a world where everything is slowly becoming automated, why wouldn’t you want to automate your house? Fortunately, buying smart home devices and gadgets doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. You can always make gradual investments. In my case, my first purchase was a smart TV, which I actually bought to watch Call Spectrum cable. Slowly and steadily, I bought other smart gadgets and now I live in a smart home.

There are several gadgets you can use at home to create a smart eco-system from lights to thermostatic devices, cameras, to doors and locks. All of these devices can be controlled with at least one major smart assistant, giving you the power to control everything around the house hands-free.

Invest in these smart appliances and devices to create a more automated and livable space:

1: Amazon Echo (4th-Gen)

It’s a brand new system that falls under the $100 price tag. This new generation device has a powerful sound output and it comes with some forward-looking features. Amazon Echo has topped HomePad Mini by Apple and Nest Audio by Google with its powerful speakers, and impressive base. Plus, it comes with a built-in Zigbee receiver and sidewalk hub, which makes it easier to connect your smart locks or lightbulbs.

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2: TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini

Smart plugs are a valuable smart home investment. In fact, they are an entry point for anyone who is just getting started with a connected home device. It’s cheap and fairly easy to install. You will get the liberty to turn the power on and off remotely. 

TP-Link has amazing smart plugs. A single outlet makes it possible to connect to the network through the wireless network. You get an app too from where you can toggle the power and create a schedule. You can also connect it work Alexa and Google Assistant. The only drawback is it does not cover standard two outlet wall fixtures. 

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3: Ecobee SmartThermostat

Ecobee’s SmartThermostat is a Wi-Fi-based thermostat that’s designed to help you control your home’s air conditioning and heating system by giving voice commands or by a few taps within the app. 

The special thing about this product is that it comes with a remote temperature sensor inside the box. This allows the thermostat to read the ambient temperature of each room and set it accordingly. The remote sensor makes it possible to adjust the temperature of each room. This smart thermostat is a great accessory if the thermostat install point is not central.  

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4: Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo cameras are expensive so you might be naturally inclined to ignore this item from the list. But hey, the good news is Arlo video doorbell is quite reasonable. You will have to buy the Arlo smart cloud service with that, which starts at $3 per month. 

The doorbell won’t disappoint you. It comes with tons of features and an advanced motion alert is one of them. The 180-degree viewing angle is impressive! There is a built-in siren too which functions as a security camera.

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5: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

People are concerned about smart locks because they provide a new point of failure between you and your physical security. A criminal hacker, or even a simple technical failure or connectivity issue, could jeopardize your home’s entry point. There is some truth to that but August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is something totally different and not disappointing. 

It’s very simple to install. It can easily adjust itself over the internal thumb latch of deadbolt designs. It just takes 10 minutes to set everything up. You are not actually replacing the lock mechanism. You can even keep and use the physical key. Amazing, right? 

Then how does it work? The lock connects your wireless network or your phone’s Bluetooth. With the August app, you can create virtual keys for anyone in the house without paying anything extra. 

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6: Mesh Wi-Fi Router

We all have then there – cursing our wireless network because there is terrible reception in certain parts of the house. This problem can be solved by investing in a mesh wireless router that provides extensive coverage and ensures all devices get optimal signals. 

Each point on the contact on the mesh network works as a wireless repeater to improve the signal strength. If one of the devices gets disconnected, the mesh network reroutes the signals or self-heal to ensure that your experience isn’t affected. Wouldn’t it be an intelligent purchase to ensure your smart home functions well? This gives brand design tips which help in your field of design.

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7: Google Nest Protect

To keep your home safe, you might want to replace your old smoke detector with a smart one. These smoke detectors sound like an alarm and they send an alert on your phone in case of fire or when the batteries are low (so your house won’t blow up as it did in This of Us).

Google’s Nest Protect features a split-spectrum smoke sensor that is smart enough to detect flaming fires, smoldering, and even carbon monoxide gas. Although it’s a smart device, it does not support Google Assistant or Alexa.

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Post by : Nicole Luke


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