Ten fresh decorating tips for your cottage

Haliburton cottage rentals style designed have a certain natural warmth, comfort, purity, and charm. There are many options available if you want to improve the appearance and feel of your Haliburton Cottage Rental style. Here are some creative decorating suggestions you may use in your Rental Cottage style to make things easier for you.

1. Choose neutral colors for your Haliburton cottage rentals

People are frequently attracted to cottages that are surrounded by lovely trees, lakes, and wildlife; as a result, the decoration should enhance rather than conflict with that atmosphere. Whites, off-whites, and soft neutral dark colors not only appear elegant and neat but also let the elegance of the surroundings rule. McCaw suggests keeping things uncomplicated and letting nature take center stage. An illustration of this style is the Muskoka White House on Lake Muskoka.

2. Rely on gray walls.

     Again, clean, bright walls are the way to proceed if you don’t want to divert attention from the beautiful outdoors. According to McCaw, “the ideal Muskoka room is easy, white, clean, and straightforward.” When executed correctly, classic simplicity improves any setting.

3. Pick attractive pieces of art for your Haliburton cottage.

     Maintaining a sleek and basic aesthetic does not preclude the use of wall art; just be careful not to overdo it. McCaw claims that “less is more.” The plain background is ideal for artwork or prints that represent the natural world. Instead of bold contemporary prints, choose landscapes or antique, ancient items to provide charm. For inspiration, look no further than the Wandering property in Muskoka, which features tasteful artwork and neutral walls.

4. A little (temporary) color can indeed be your champion.

     While neutral colors are advised for walls as well as other structural improvements, there’s nothing wrong with adding a few seasonal sparks of color. To breathe new life into a space, choose pillows and blankets with lively prints that are simple to switch out or update according to the season.

5. Keep clear of trinkets.

     What is charming to one person may be trashy to another. Your visitors might not enjoy the cheesy magnets you’ve gathered from all over the world or your uncle’s collection of wooden quack ducks. Even if just for a week, people want to feel like they are the owners of the area. And Haliburton cottage rentals decor isn’t really elegant.

6. Keep away from used items.

     In the same vein, avoid recycling your household items.
You can’t just put up your older used furniture and expect people to believe it is great if you want to give a luxury cottage rental, according to McCaw. People searching for luxury Haliburton cottage rentals expect interest in the property’s furniture, even though you might be satisfied with it.

7. Constantly stay current.

     Have fun with home décor and update it each season to stay current with fashion. Look for inspiration by exploring glitzy cottage magazines, blogs, and Pinterest pages. The extra effort will be appreciated by your guests. McCaw advises Sklar Peppler for simple, attractive, and reasonably priced cottage furniture if you ever find yourself in a problem. “It’s a simple, quick way to update your summer outfit.”

8. Consider your lighting.

    Here, the choice is your friend (or, more accurately, your visitor’s). Once that beautiful sun has set, good lighting is vital. For a warm, softer atmosphere, use battery-operated candles and a few strategically positioned lamps; overhead lights work best for busier nights.

9. Include seasonal embellishments.

     Everyone enjoys seeing fresh flowers. A seasonal flower demonstrates your concern for your visitors while also thrilling the space. Put a couple of different setups in the communal areas if you can. Fruit that is in season and local can serve two purposes: decoration and food.

10. Comfort is important.

   You want to look polished and professional, but comfort shouldn’t suffer as a result. Couches should be comfortable, blankets should be plenty, and throw blankets are always a good idea. In addition to respecting your property, visitors should also feel welcome.

It’s time to go on to the next step, which is photography after you’ve made your rental cottage getaway appear elegant. To learn how to stage your home for the best photos.

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