Tips For Taking Care Of Your Mini Pig

Miniature pigs or mini pigs are loyal and intelligent animals and they can make incredible pets and therapy animals. Adopting a miniature pig is a great idea if you are looking for an unusual companion. However, there are some things to consider before bringing home a cute miniature pig. Let’s discuss how to provide these cuties with the best pig life ever.

Which breed of mini pigs is the best to choose?

Miniature potbellied pigs or, as they are called otherwise, minipigs were bred in the 50s of the last century, after crossing Vietnamese pigs and small wild boars. People used mini pigs for laboratory research and medical testing, but later mini pigs gradually evolved into exotic pets. At the moment there are several breeds of mini pigs to choose from:

  1. Vietnamese potbelly pig is the progenitor of all mini-pigs. This breed is considered the largest. The weight of an adult Vietnamese potbellied pig can reach 100 pounds but is usually in the range of 45-70. 
  2. Wiesenau mini pig. These pigs have square strong bodies, and the average weight of Wiesenau mini pigs is about 25-30 kilograms. The muzzle has no folds.
  3. Göttingen mini pig. This breed is a selective German breed. Externally, such a pig resembles the Vietnamese, but it does not have such an impressive size. The average weight of a Göttingen mini pig usually doesn’t exceed 70-90 kilograms.
  4. Bergstrasser Knirps pig. These pigs are very small because the weight of the average adult pig barely reaches 30 kilograms. This breed is especially popular in European countries.

What’s needed to care for and look after mini pigs?

Miniature pigs can live in a house or apartment, but they need special care. Besides proper care and a varied diet, mini pigs also require a lot of attention. To make a mini pig feel happy you will probably need to devote a lot of time to your companion. Sometimes it means to play and interact with your pet instead of doing something else, for example, playing sweet bonanza free as well. If you can’t devote a lot of time to a mini pig, you should consider adopting another pet or keeping at least two mini pigs. Therefore, it is important to understand the needs of these adorable creatures.

  1. Mini pigs aren’t dogs but they need physical activity as well. Walk your mini pig every day to keep your pet healthy. 
  2. Help the pig get used to the litter box. When your pet goes to the toilet for the first time, soak a rag in urine and put it in the tray. Then the pet will understand where it is necessary to “cope with the need”.
  3. Several times a week bathe your mini pig in a basin or bathtub. For this procedure, you can use baby soap or special shampoo for pets.
  4. You should trim or sharpen the hooves of the mini pig and clean the pig’s ears every two to three weeks.

Everything you need to know about mini pigs’ diet

The varied diet of mini pigs is essential for their physical and mental health. In general, these animals are omnivores, but if they eat everything in large quantities, they will get fat.

So, firstly, limit the amount of portions, and secondly, try to make the diet of your pet varied and balanced. The diet can include a variety of fruits and vegetables, porridge cooked in water, as well as protein-containing dairy products. Feed your pig two or three times a day. Mini pigs also need access to clean water. Sometimes you can also give your four-legged companion special vitamins. Anyway, you should never give your mini pig sweets, fatty, salty, fast food as well as flour. 

As adorable as mini pigs are, they do have unique care. But if you manage to make a mini pig happy, be sure to enjoy having an energetic, affectionate, and lovable creature at home. 

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