Top 4 Advantages of Migrating from Exchange to the Office 365

For decades, businesses like yours have relied on Microsoft Exchange Server for business-class email. Today with Exchange Online, you can simultaneously continue using familiar applications like MS Office & Outlook and enjoy the benefits of next-generation cloud computing solutions – allowing you to access data on Virtual Desktop anytime, anywhere. Best of all, because you and your staff already know how to use the email applications from Microsoft, executing the Exchange Online solution won’t disrupt your business.

Exchange Online is built on the same technology as Exchange Server, giving your business the most delinquent capabilities such as built-in archiving, optional Conversation View, MailTips, and robust Web-based management tools for online deployments.

Exchange Server is used by multiple companies to support several business requirements and it is available as On-Premises Exchange and Office 365. Due to the growing popularity of Offline-service Office 365, users choose to migrate hosted exchange to office 365. 

Office 365 offers an easier-to-manage Exchange Service and eliminates the cost associated with running the Server Edition and management overhead associated with it. In this blog, we will be discussing the advantages & disadvantages of Migrating Exchange to office 365 to help the user avoid headaches in the end.

Advantages of Migrating from Exchange to the Office 365

  1. Increased Reliability

By Migrating from Exchange to Office 365 you can easily access your emails without any interruptions and headaches of having to maintain on-premises hardware. Cloud vendors are known for supplying higher uptime guarantees. However, users should properly plan the migration process to avoid downtime in the transition.

  1. Better Security

Using Exchange Server in the cloud implies lesser machines where Anti-virus software needs to be installed, upgraded, or tested. The IT department applies updates automatically & focuses more on troubleshooting issues, providing better security for Exchange Server and confidential data involved. Any small/large Companies can have access to enterprise-level security. Users should always enquire about the safety standards that the vendor provides before moving to the cloud.

  1. Reduced Cost

Another benefit of migrating Exchange to office 365 may involve high cost initially but in the long term, organizations will save money due to reduced capital expenditures on servers and lowers the expense of operation with only a few staff involved. Less time spent on monitoring & fixing issues means more time spent on revenue-generating projects.

  1. Increased Flexibility

As deploying Exchange Server in the Cloud requires fewer machines, the IT department provides better flexibility in determining new and improved solutions to apply in the Cloud Environment. Improved flexibility will not only lead to higher productivity but also more worker satisfaction.


Exchange Online is a powerful email and productivity solution that your company can benefit from in a major way. It is the ideal solution because, as we’ve mentioned, it offers you enterprise-level protection at a minimum cost. Apps4Rent is a Microsoft 365 migration partner, that not only can help you with migrations but even offers full Microsoft 365 support. Apart from that Apps4Rent even provide Cloud Hosted VDI with 100% assistance which makes them the number one partner to assign for the service.

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