Top 5 Beauty Trends: Today and in the Near Future

Trends in cosmetology and plastic surgery today are formed on the basis of several components: client demand, modern possibilities of aesthetic medicine and conscious approach to the change of appearance.


Plastic surgeons and cosmetologists are now seeing an increase in patient rejection of excessive volume and unnatural shape. Requests for removal of lip fillers, replacement of voluminous spherical breast implants with anatomical and smaller ones, removal of buttock implants, and correction of lip and eyebrow tattooing of unnatural colors and shapes are increasing.

Excessive volume and artificiality no longer seem attractive. Lips and the contour of the oval slowly disappear. Women want to emphasize their merits: to fight pigmentation, rosacea, wrinkles, but at the same time, to be themselves, lively and natural.

A Cure, Not a Fix for Appearance

This request logically complements the previous one: today health is in the first place. Patients don’t need one-time beauty services, but a serious doctor’s approach. Cosmetological procedures should not be read on the face – conscious self-care is in fashion.

In 2022, a specialist is no longer chosen as randomly as results of roulette online games based on pictures in social networks, but on his/her ability to conduct professional medical initial consultation and diagnostics, provide a wide range of hardware techniques, ensure safety, and be responsible for the consequences.

Unnatural caricature of the face looks cheap, nowadays the gloss is the radiation of health. The list of trending techniques includes hardware SMAS-facial lifting, as well as laser procedures aimed at improving skin quality (removing pigmentation, vascular inclusions, scars).

Fillers, of course, are also used, but in optimal amounts, not to change the appearance, but to emphasize the natural features.


The makers of this trend are Korean cosmetologists. Patients began to prefer the courses of procedures performed on the weakest parameters, to come more often for the ritual of self-care.

That is, before they preferred one radical intervention with an instant effect, now they prefer a series of gentle ones with a gradual transformation.

Cycle of properly selected courses of hardware procedures, combined with regular home care and a healthy lifestyle can achieve the best and most durable results. 

Comfort and Painlessness

Some five or ten years ago women agreed with the saying “Beauty requires sacrifice” and gladly went for radical procedures – weren’t afraid and didn’t complain about the sensitivity. Today, not everyone wants to endure pain.

Preference is given to those methods that give not only results but also comfort and quick rehabilitation.

Gender Blurring

The appearance of modern man is becoming more neutral. This trend is gradually manifesting itself in the youth environment and will intensify in the future.

People want to be fit, slim, have good skin quality, but without a pronounced emphasis on gender.

Girls strive for clear lines and to emphasize masculinity. Men, on the other hand, choose soft volumes – this leads to a slight feminization of the appearance, but it also refreshes and rejuvenates the face.

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