Unique Ways to Display and Showcase Your Custom Commemorative Challenge Coins

There are several unique ways to display and showcase your custom challenge coins. One way is to use a coin case.

These cases are typically made from dark-colored wood and have grooves cut into them. This allows the coins to be positioned upright in the case.

They can be wall-mounted or stand on a desk as home decor.


A cabinet is a great way to showcase a collection of challenge coins because it has a protective cover and allows people to view the coins without touching them. This type of case is usually made from dark-colored wood and has grooves cut into it at intervals to accommodate your custom challenge coins. You can also get an issue with a door, which is good for preventing your challenge coins from getting scuffed or scratched while in storage.

The design of a challenge coin makes it unique, so you should choose an image that communicates the meaning of your coin. It is also essential to use less text, as this can make the coin look cluttered and confuse the message that it is trying to convey. In addition, you should use a symbol or artwork that is unique and personal to your organization, as this will add more emotion to the coin and make it more memorable.

Challenge coins are a way to connect members of an organization and can inspire a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie. The military and law enforcement often use them, but they have become popular to commemorate events and honor business employees. If you want to create a challenge coin for your group, contact us today to discuss your options.

Wall-Mounted Racks:

Challenge coins are not mere trinkets; they carry deep symbolism and meaning for those who earn them. Whether they’re awarded for exceptional service in the military, outstanding achievements at work in corporate America, or bravery in first responders, they’re cherished as souvenirs and tokens of honor and camaraderie. These unique tokens unite members of the same team, organization, or group, and they’re often displayed in commemorative cases to show off one’s growing collection.

While there are many ways to display challenge coin collections, one of the most popular is to build a custom case for each coin. These cases can be made from various materials; the sky is the limit when customizing the design and appearance. For instance, a wooden case can be made using high-quality wood and stained or painted to match the user’s d├ęcor.

Another element to consider when creating a challenge coin case is if you want to include a door to close the topic when it’s not in use. This will make the subject easier to open and retrieve your coins if you need to take them with you to a group meeting or on a field assignment. In addition, you’ll need to choose hinges and hardware that best complement the style of your cabinet.

Glass Dome:

People collect challenge coins for many reasons, including honoring military members, law enforcement, and emergency service professionals. They are also popular with civilians who want to keep friends and family. No matter why someone collects custom commemorative challenge coins, finding a unique way to display them to be appreciated and loved for years is essential.

A glass dome is an excellent option for displaying challenge coins and other small objects. These glass cloche domes (bell jars) are versatile and come in different sizes. Some are large enough to house whole coins, while others are small enough to style over smaller battery-operated candles or even miniature figures and collectibles. They are also ideal for terrariums that contain succulents and other small plants.

Consider investing in a multi-tier pyramid case if you’re interested uniquely and attractively to show off your challenge coin collection. These cases feature wide bases that come to an apex and multiple tiers for holding dozens of coins from every angle. They’re also designed to be portable, so you can take them with you and use them at home or work.

This display is an excellent choice for those looking for something sharp on a desk or table. It features a wood base and clear glass dome that can protect your coins while allowing them to be seen from all sides. It is available in two styles and holds 104 challenge coins.

Acrylic or Brass Stand:

When collecting challenge coins, most people like to display them. They’re a great reminder of their work to serve their community, country, or organization. They’re also a symbol of the friendships that form within groups and can help inspire people to continue to do their best.

The challenge coin tradition stretches far beyond the military and into police and fire departments, fraternal orders, and other civilian organizations. They’re used to celebrate sporting events and commemorate special milestones, too. They’re even a popular gift for corporate employees and friends.

Many different factors can go into creating the perfect challenge coin. For example, a coin’s weight and texture can impact its overall feel and look. Many challenge coins are made of zinc, but others can be created from copper or other precious metals. This makes the currency more expensive but can increase its quality and feel.

Some people even choose to have their challenge coins crafted in 3D. This gives the currency more depth and opens up new design possibilities. When designing a custom coin, it’s essential to partner with an on-demand manufacturer that will take the time to consult with you about your design and guide you through material choices. This will help you create the perfect challenge coin for your group or organization.

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