What are cryptocurrency scams, and how to avoid them?

Every business and scheme in the world is prone to scams. As soon as something new comes into the world, people try to fool people with it. Through big and small cons, these people destroy the trust of many people. Cryptocurrencies are not spared from such scams.

The cryptocurrency industry is rife with many different types of scams. Scams using cryptocurrencies are fraudulent schemes that demand payments in cash. There are many manifestations of them, and you may spot them by the presence of a red flag. The following are some examples of some of the most typical scams in the realm of cryptocurrency:

Cryptocurrency Scams

Giveaway scam

These scammers impersonate famous celebrities and, on social media, claim they are running a crypto “giveaway.” They ask people to send crypto at a specific address, claiming to double them or giving large prizes. People send their crypto to them by trusting them and get nothing in return.

Pump and dump scam

This type of scam only affects little-known altcoins but doesn’t affect common coins like bitcoin and ETH. These scammers work in the form of a collaborative group that buys a bulk amount of specific currencies. They push its price up, and other cryptocurrency investors take interest and hope to get quick profits. These groups then sell these assets and create a massive profit crash.

Phishing scam 

The use of personal keys secures cryptocurrency, and these keys are password phrases. Through phishing scam attempts, scammers get access to these personnel keys through scam emails and broken or virus-affected links. So it is necessary to secure these personnel keys by not sharing their information.

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Romance scam

Some scammers are even invading the online dating system. They start a digital relationship with online dating users. They ask for cryptocurrency as financial support and offer hot investment opportunities that are almost scams. The precaution is to be aware of any cryptocurrency discussion on any dating platform.

Staking and mining scams

Advanced crypto users start mining cryptocurrency or stake their coins to increase their yield. However, many scams turn people to guaranteed profits and promises of high returns. There is a risk for beginners here, and staking and mining are only kept in advance for crypto users. Hire a crypto pr agency to avoid scams if you have a blockchain business. 

Blackmailing scam

Some people send emails that they have your sensitive data and information, and they leak this information if you don’t send cryptocurrency to their address. If you don’t fulfill their demand, they increase the risk of spreading your personal data to the public. 

How to avoid these scam 

You can avoid these crypto scams by keeping in mind some steps 

  • Stick to popular coins like Ethereum and bitcoin because many scammers target newer or lesser-known coins that promise to return massive amounts. 
  • It is essential to buy cryptocurrency through reputable exchanges such as Binance, coinbase, Gemini, Changelly, etc.
  • You can avoid scams by not trusting anyone who offers you high returns, guaranteed profit, or double your crypto coin.
  • Don’t make blind faith in anyone.
  • Keep an eye on crypto news.


You have got the knowledge about what cryptocurrency scams are and how to avoid them. By keeping in mind such steps, you will avoid scams, be secure while investing in cryptocurrency, and get more benefits.

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