Why Can’t my Acer Laptop Connect to Wifi? : Solved

why can't i connect acer laptop to wifi

Laptop not connecting to wifi can make any buddy panic when it’s super necessary to use and suddenly you got the issue.

Why Can’t my Acer Laptop Connect to Wifi?

Need not to worry about the wifi connectivity issue in acer laptop. This problem is quite common among various users and hence its solution is. In this post we will see it out how to solve the wifi connectivity issue in acer laptops or in general any laptops.

Solutions : Acer laptop not connecting to wifi

The solution to the above problem might be different for laptop series and different hiding problem. You should try these listed below steps to tackle yours.

Allow WiFi connections in your antivirus program >>>

Sometimes antivirus program are hindrance in connecting to WiFi, so you can temporarily turn off antivirus program in your computer, then try to connect to your WiFi.

If doing so connect your acer laptop to connect to WiFi, then your antivirus program is the the problem. In this case, you should add your WiFi connection to antivirus exception, and make sure to allow your WiFi connection through antivirus program.

Update your wireless network adapter >>>

If your wireless network adapter is corrupted, your Acer laptop can’t connect to WiFi. To rule it out as the cause for your network problem, you should update your wireless network adapter driver to the latest version.

There are two ways to update your wireless network adapter either manual or automatic.

  • Manually update your driver: You can go to the website of your network adapter, search for the latest version of your wireless network adapter, then download and install it into your laptop.
  • Automatically update your driver: If you don’t have the time or patience, you can do it automatically with Driver Easy software.

Manually connect to a wireless network >>>

Doing manual connection to wifi is the final proof method. You can follow given below steps to connect your acer laptop with wifi.

1) Type Control Panel in the search box on your desktop, and click Control Panel in the result.

2) Ensure to choose View by Small icons or View by Large icons, then click Network and Sharing Center.

3) Click Set up a new connection or network.

4) Select Manually connect to a wireless network, then click Next.

5) Here you have to enter Network nameSecurity type, and Security Key. Be sure to check the box next to Start this connection automatically, then click Next.

6) Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process.

Then your Acer laptop should be able to connect to wireless networks.

Why Can’t my Acer Laptop Connect to Wifi FAQ

How to figure out whether it is hardware or software problem in wifi connectivity failure in acer laptop?

The first thing you should do is try to activate the WiFi, which is usually done by pressing the > F3 key, if that does not work then, try to see if your software is corrupted by doing the following: right click ‘Windows key’ (bottom left 3rd key) choose >Device Manager>Networks adaptors, then see: 

1. If your wireless adaptor is listed there (its usually either a Quallcom Atheros, Broadcom or Intel) or 

2. If its got a yellow ‘error mark’ next to it?

1. If its No1, then you need to reinstall the driver for it by getting the appropriate driver. 

2. If its No2, with a yellow error mark, then uninstall the driver and reboot your computer, which usually fixes the problem, if not, then do No1 and reinstall the driver again.

3.Always and after a reboot > “press>F3” to activate the WiFi/BT, as this is always what people don’t do!. 

These steps should activate your WiFi. if it doesn’t then its more hardware related!

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