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Youtube to Mp3 converter | Convert2Mp3 Overview

Youtube to mp3 converter or convert2mp3 sites or Softwares are used to convert Youtube videos to mp3 format. These all sound sound weird but sometime you need to convert Youtube videos to mp3 or other audio formats.

If you want to listen audio music from youtube or if you are work on some projects and presentations and want to add sounds and voices from youtube videos, you may feel need for that. And here comes the role of youtube to mp3 converter.

Someone of you may ask is using other’s sound or voice in our video is legal with Youtube policies and will there be copyright claims? 

Well you can use any voice and sound from other’s youtube videos in your own video by converting his video into audio format. You can even modify the sound. Please note that i am talking about voice and sound other than music. If you use copyright music of other’s. you”ll definately get an strike.

Youtube to mp3 converter sites are some copy-paste type where you can convert easily any video into Mp3 audio just by pasting the video url both on PC and Mobile. While some are software type which needs to be installed or included in browser extension to be functional and these work some for PC and some for mobile specially.

There are lots of youtube to mp3 converter sites where just by pasting the video URL, you can download the audio formats of youtube videos. But here i am providing the lists of ad free or few ad websites used by lots to convert and download audio mp3 format of youtube, facebook, insatgram, vimeo and other video hosting site’s videos. These given websites are also used for youtube mp4 video downloads.

Youtube to Mp3 converter Free Sites

Best sites or softwares to convert yotube videos to mp3 audio are those that is fast and easy way to download and save any YouTube video to MP3 or MP4.

You can download and convert Youtube videos as much as you want without limitation and always free. The service should be totally clean with no virus under intense supervision based on security database.

Here is the list of free sites and softwares to convert youtube videos into mp3 audios. Almost all the given sites are useful for convert2mp3 and for video downloading too.

1. ytmp3 : One of the best site for Youtube to mp3 converter

This could be the best youtube to mp3 converter sites. It is also one of the widely used medium for mp3 conversion. Well i put this website in first rank as this is easy to use. All you need to do is to just past the URL of the video and click convert. You will get the download link on the same page. It may open another page in the new tab for advertisement, just close that.

By using this converter you not just easily convert YouTube videos to mp3 (audio) but also to mp4 (video) files and download them for free. The videos are always converted in the highest available quality.

Please note that this site can only convert videos up to a length of 90 minutes – the limitation is necessary, so the conversion of any video will not take more than a couple of minutes.

link to the site

2. youtube-to-mp3

This is second in our list as it has easy to use interface. This website is used by lots for not just to download mp3 audios but also for youtube videos in high quality possible.When you will paste the vidoe URL, there is options for mp3 and mp4. To download audio, just go for mp3. In mp4 section, there are lots of different quality formats to download.

link to the site

youtube to mp3

3. youtubetomp3 : Best site for convert2mp3 and video downloading

This is another in our list which is used by lots to download youtube videos and audios in high quality format fastely. All you you need to do is to just paste the URL of the video and wait for the conversion.

 It is a free online video downloader and converter that can download and convert a video to an mp3 file from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and other popular video sites.
You may see some ads on the corner but that is normal.

link to the site

4. y2mate

This is another option in our list to convert and download youtube videos in audio mp3 format. The interface is easy to use and all you need to do is to just copy the url and paste here in this site, it will automatically convert it for you. Converting and downloading is fast.

link to the site

5. 320youtube

320YouTube is a Youtube to mp3 converter that allows you to convert your favorite YouTube videos super fast to a downloadable mp3 file. All you need to do is to just paste the correct video url from youtube and wait for some seconds. This site provides fast conversion and download speed with high quality audio possible.

Link to the site

6. youtubemp3

This is another website where just by pasting the URL of your video you can not just download in video mp4 format but also in mp3 format just for free. The interface is easy to use and all work is of pasting and converting.

link to the site

7. 4k Youtube to Mp3

Another site in our list is “4k Youtube to Mp3”. This is is also one of the trusted site to easily convert 4k videos to mp3 on PC. First you have to download its application on PC by going to its website and and open its dashboard. Paste the url of the video to be converted and done. You can also download 4K youtube videos by the same process.

Link to the site is

Lots of other websites are also there, but these above mentioned are most popular sites and extensions for the job to get done. Please note almost all above sites as their earning source serves some vulgar types ads on their sites. You need not to focus on that, just do your own task there.

Youtube Music

Youtube offers its own apps for listening to your favorite music. You need not to download and convert it to mp3 files. Youtube music apps for iOS, Android, iPadOS are available, You can install these on your device. After done, you just need for to search the songs from various genres, artists and albums and listen to it.

Please note that you can’t download free version of music, but you can of premium version.Basic version of youtube music is free with limited facilities.

But Youtube Music Premium is a paid version which serves ads free musics and you can download and listen it in backgrouds while doing other stuffs on internet. Even premium version is free for 1 month trial and after that you have to pay $9.99 a month for android and $12.99 for iOS device.

YouTube is a streaming platform. Downloading videos or extracting audio from youtube video is a violation of YouTube’s terms of use.  Not to mention that downloading videos for offline/Ad-free playback is depriving content creators from making money through YouTube’s AdSense. You may face action if caught using the converted YouTube to mp3 file for commercial purpose. 

How to download videos from youtube, facebook, instagram and other platforms?

Downloading videos from youtube, facebook and others is unpopular task in this world of fast internet. Mostly you watch it online. But if your connection is not so fast and want to watch the videos while offline or if you want to convert youtube videos to mp3 for various projects, you may feel need to download videos from youtube or convert it to audio mp3 format.

Video downloader and conversion websites is used as mp4 downloader and mp3 converter for videos from YouTube, facebook, vimeo etc to popular formats.

There are lots of youtube downloader websites where just by pasting any video url, you are not just able to download the videos but can also convert it into audio mp3 formats for your projects for free.

Here we are providing a complete list of websites where you can download your youtube videos or any videos from any sites for free. You can download just by pasting url in the given website or add their extensions on your browser.

List of free websites to download videos from youtube and other video hosting websites.

In the above section we have given the list of free websites and extensions to covert youtube videos to mp3. Here in the below section we are giving a list of website syou can use to download youtube videos into any format.

1. : one of the best site to download and convert youtube videos into mp3

First in our list is I personally use this site as its interface is easy to use.This site helps you to download videos from youtube, facebook and other video sites in various formats.

You can also download audio version of the videos, means you can convert the video into mp3 format. This site is also helpful in downloading images from facebook and instagram.

Link to the website is

If you want to download youtube videos without going to this site you”ll just need to add ss before youtube in the URL of the video. See here. video URL looks like ( after adding ss before youtube the same URL will look like ( Press ok, You will automatically redirected to the downloading page of You can also add browser extension of this site.

2. Genyoutube

Second in the list is genyoutube. This is one of the widely used website to download videos from youtube in different formats.

All you need to do is to just paste the video URL into the box and click go. You will get the download options of various formats. You can also add browser extension of this site to download and youtube videos in just one click.

Here is the website


Third in our list is This is another website to download video from various video hosting websites in different formats. You can also convert video into audio format and download photos from facebook, twitter and instagram.

Here is the link

Just go to the website and paste the video URL and download different formats. is another version of the where you can download videos from various platforms in different formats. is an official website of keepvid where you can convert, edit and compress videos online just by drag and drop method. You can also convert and compress audio files online.

4. VD downloader

This is another amazing website where you can download youtube videos, facebook videos, vimeo videos etc in high quality from computer and mobile phones.

Here is the link for free software

Or you just need to add vd before youtube in the video URL like ( You will be automatically redirected to the downloading page.


Tubemate is another site used by millions to download videos from various sites in different formats like mp4, webm, audio etc.

You can download the free software for PC and mobile from  and install it in your device to download in just one click.

You can also download any video just by copying and pasting the video URL on the website

6. Youtube HDdownloader

This is a software for downloading high quality HD youtube videos from your computer. But here you cannot download just by pasting URL. You have to download the software for free and install it on your computer.

Here is the link of the website

7. 4K Video Downloader

This is another one of the trusted site to download high quality 4k videos from youtube and other video websites for computer. But this also not work by coping pasting. You have to download the free software and install it first.

Here is the site

8. Snaptube

snaptube is one of the widely used free app for mobile to download high quality videos from youtube. You can download the app and install it. Whenever you watch a youtube video and want to download it, just click the share button below the video, You will find the option of download by snaptube.

Here is the free software link

Lots of other websites also present on the internet to download videos, audios and photos from youtube but above given are top of them. Thanks for reading.


In my personal opinion ytmp3 is the best Youtube to mp3 converter website as it not show you lots of unwanted ads. And is the best site for Youtube video downloading.

Infact is better website for youtube videos downloading, only video without sound downloading and for youtube to mp3 conversion.

FAQs Youtube to mp3 conversion

Is converting youtube to mp3 safe?

Ya there is no any threat in converting youtube videos to mp3 format from any of the above site. But you have to keep alert from their pop-ups. When you go on their website, they will show lots of pop-ups like they might ask you to download certain software. Don’t click on any of these things.

These pop-ups are actually their earning source. Also these sites open other window of different sites for their promotion. Just paste your video URL and convert to mp3 and download it.

Is there chance of any virus from these sites?

The list of site that I have posted above are trusted. Millions of users use these sites on daily basis. Your video is just converted or downloaded and nothing extra happens with your file.

Ya there are sites which are fake and that might harm your device. But we haven’t listed in our list.

Is converting youtube to mp3 degrades quality of sound?

No, the quality of your sound will remain the same. All that happen during the process of conversion is that your video is just removed from the sound and you will left with only video’s sound.

Best android app for youtube to mp3 conversion

For your android smartphones, there are lots of free app that will convert your videos into mp3 format. Some of the apps are : Video to mp3 convert, media converter, MyMp3, Tube to mp3 converter.

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